Indian Cricket – Losing, Winning The Game

Isn’t losing and winning part of a game? There are numerous questions in the mind of Indians, few of mine are been listed below. Why have we Indians started taking things personally after losing the world cup cricket match?My personal feeling is that, we never sold a company product. we sold cricket in our advertisement.… Continue reading Indian Cricket – Losing, Winning The Game

Gang of Girls – Movie Making tips for Bittu Jones’s Diary

Bittu Jones’s Diary – A captivating hoarding on the 100 feet road, chennai, Tamilnadu – India. I had spoken about gang of girls a product or new venture of sunsilk to attract young girls/ women/ ladies to share their views and thought online, a social networking tool exclusively built for The women. Now gangofgirls have… Continue reading Gang of Girls – Movie Making tips for Bittu Jones’s Diary

Bajaj Pulsar – Open your fly

I am fan of Bajaj Pulsar – After seeing the new Bajaj Pulsar DTSi 200, I felt the under line or the punch line message should be “open the fly” rather than “Definitely male”. Good design, I would wish for a single feature of the Bajaj Pulsar DTSi 180 to be available on Bajaj Pulsar… Continue reading Bajaj Pulsar – Open your fly

Rediff Mailer – spelling

It is good to send occasional mailers to tap new or renew business, but not with spelling mistakes, Often it happens with visual designers they just madly copy the text and paste on photoshop (they don’t read the text), I have made similar mistakes. Once my Manager said, so times spelling errors could give a… Continue reading Rediff Mailer – spelling

Motorola F3 – No Hype mobile phone

[grouper=mtg/mtgPlayer.swf?gvars=ap~0_mu~0_rf~1621150_vfver~8_extid~-1_extsite~-1_id~1805811_ml~fi%3d%26fu%3d1693180;400;325] Why Motorola F3 is a no hype phone? My friend flashed his Motorola F3 from his pocket which he bought recently from Saravana Stores for 1500 INR. As soon as he did i felt it is a mere cheap Phone, I didn’t stop and inquired whether the same was dummy display model from the… Continue reading Motorola F3 – No Hype mobile phone

Simple way to shock & win her heart

Did you just have trouble with your girlfriend or WifeHere is a simple trick to give her a mild shock and just win her heart right away. Take her to restaurant which has mirrors, you need to build up a story. Here I had build my own story, here is the linkThe story is left… Continue reading Simple way to shock & win her heart

Flash Addiction Game – Paper Pilot

One of best reality games built on flash, This has been a game you would have probably played in your classrooms, playground or at your sweet home. Amazing physics and wonderful reality. (few things are still missing like wind direction etc but that is ok) May be you could teach you kid on how to… Continue reading Flash Addiction Game – Paper Pilot

Plans to make Adobe Photoshop Online

Good NEWS for Adobe Photoshop users The good News is that Adobe Photoshop will be accessible online, an extension of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. The service is going to be free, Adobe will only make money from online Advertisement as stated by Bruce chizen. I guess Adobe is compelled to join the online revolution or rather… Continue reading Plans to make Adobe Photoshop Online