You are sexy, you are different = Centre of attraction

It is late response from my side, still. This is in response to few bloggers out there who supported or have been against this post YES, I WEAR A BRA. YES, IT SHOWS. SO? Let me start by saying, we as Men have a natural instinct to look at the opposite sex, that doesn’t actually… Continue reading You are sexy, you are different = Centre of attraction

Bachelors – Go get a life

I have couple of young friends, some just finished out of college and waiting for job and some as fresher’s out in my office and some who have enough experience in the job and stay Single. I have seen these youngsters getting dated to the bright and colorful computer monitor, late in the evening chatting… Continue reading Bachelors – Go get a life

Want to have friend?

This is in continuation of my previous post Bachelors – Go get a lifeI am just trying to kindle the fire in every one of youWhat is the next step? If you need a girl friend you need to follow these steps Step 1: ListenLearn to Listen (even after knowing this trick I do the… Continue reading Want to have friend?

Fast & Steady relationship

This post is in continuation of Want to have friend? What type you R, I and not comparing you with the honda type R cars, they are fast and reliableAre you looking at 2 fast 2 furious relationshipremember it is not meant to last. Most men do this mistake: before marriage they care for the first lady and… Continue reading Fast & Steady relationship

Why Bill feels like GOD?

I am talking about our Evil Bill Gates (Microsoft Founder), and why he feels like god. Consider these scenarios He is the only guy I know who made Money during his generation, it is not his ancestral property, his money. His wish is his command, What he want happens? Why wouldn’t he feel he is… Continue reading Why Bill feels like GOD?

Attitude VS Aptitude

Aptitude – A Geek, who know everything but has bad attitude OR Attitude – A not so Geek with a good attitude Who do you choose to work with? This has been a question in most of the small and medium sized organisation. Why? Attitude can only be changed only on will and sacrifice but… Continue reading Attitude VS Aptitude