What is Site24X7 beta

Do you have a website? And if your service provider never cares to provide you a site availability report, here is the magical tool which does the following capabilities 1) monitors the URL2) checks for a supplied keywords on your site for eg any important keyword on your content, there are 2 uses of this… Continue reading What is Site24X7 beta

Howto screenshot as 300DPI

The other day we were working for the NewYork trade show Artwork and we wanted to take a ManageEngine Opmanager screen snapshot and make a billboard.Task: What you see on the computer screen is 72 DPI where as on print what we need atleast a minimum of 100 DPI better one of 300 DPI Howto:Desire… Continue reading Howto screenshot as 300DPI

Howto -Printing Background colors : browser setup

We have been working on ManageEngine -> Opmanager -> MSP product and faced a situation on printing reports. Task Print graph: The task was to print to graph which had the border and color filled. we searched around IE and Firefox browser Firefox was little intelligent – they showed the option under File -> Page… Continue reading Howto -Printing Background colors : browser setup

Adventnet Japan

I like japanese people for 3 reasons, They are kind of inspiration when it comes to work for me. Hardwork – I don’t have to comment Perfection – ” “ Respect – he would bend his head down thousand times (bow) while we had a conversation I am about to introduce Yoshiyuki Sone, collegue of… Continue reading Adventnet Japan

My Picasa 2 Web Albums My experience

I had been on vacation with my friends and family tour, When I came back I didn’t have option to show all the images to all my friends. Yeah I know we have lots of websites which offer you free upload of images and allow you to view them, but the toughest part was to… Continue reading My Picasa 2 Web Albums My experience

Don’t Just Stop with Website for promotion

I remember yesterday evening I was saying the same thing to DevAnand, If Opmanager MSP needs to come to top in search engine you need more people to talk about Opmanager MSP in the blogs and you more potential customers on the website. Why Blog? why not just google ads? Website Keywords, description etc ?… Continue reading Don’t Just Stop with Website for promotion

Indian Wal*Mart – Certainly Low prices

Largest collection of Low cost home appliances under one roof is the theme for this store. Location: India, TamilNadu, chennai, TNagar, ( total of 7 stores available) P.S:This is not Wal*Mart but certainly this store in India is trying to achieve that. This is easy way of saying to international market that we too have… Continue reading Indian Wal*Mart – Certainly Low prices

Market your products with Ipod

This site seems to make the best use of Ipod, Who ever got bored with an Ipod can expect your favour be done from other peer users. Do make your Offer, Let other choose to accept it. And Wise – Versa. I remember Dev saying "Why don't we give an Ipod to our customers as… Continue reading Market your products with Ipod