Panic Mode, Self Destruction mode – The future of Mobile Phones.

Well I did watch the movie Mission Impossible 1,2 & 3. I am taking this to next level, I think it is high time for Mobile phones to have this feature of Self Destruction mode. Why? You should have heard about the excellent feature of Mobile tracker from Samsung. Wow –  Awesome, That Awesome didn’t… Continue reading Panic Mode, Self Destruction mode – The future of Mobile Phones.

N Game -Flash game, beware total addiction

Beware: This game is total addiction. The file size so small (371 KB). You could download it to your computer and play it while you are disconnected from the Internet. Physics is awesome. Minute details are great, when the guys skids,  or when the rocket hit the guy. Game play – 5 Star. If you… Continue reading N Game -Flash game, beware total addiction

Show me your links I will tell who you are?

Does the title seems to annoy you, just because I am about to discover what you surfed all night and day, what were you interest on, well I know you could be hiding yourself behind a firewall still I could predict who you are. The saying goes like this “Show me your friends, I will… Continue reading Show me your links I will tell who you are?

Hotwheels – really hot

I am crazy about cars (My friends know it) and the same way my son is crazy about Hot wheels (Mattel) I bought this set of cars for 284 INR which is actually a good deal as most HotWheels are priced at an average of 55 INR and above. I remember my younger days where… Continue reading Hotwheels – really hot

Adobe Labs – Spry framework for Ajax

This is what most designers have been waiting for Spry framework for Ajax. The demos give you a feeling that Adobe has made a custom framework for Ajax. The demos are neat, you can download the Framework right here, you may have to register with Adobe to download the files if you don't have an… Continue reading Adobe Labs – Spry framework for Ajax

Alltheweb – Livesearch

A cool live search from Alltheweb, before you press the enter key you have the links answered right there, suggested already.  Have been thinking If alltheweb would provide a API Just like google search for websites. If so my company website would rock. Amazing Ajax Application, never thought it would happen with the a search… Continue reading Alltheweb – Livesearch

Is Sex a bad thing in life

The above blog have the Logo with the word SEX does this mean that the blogs are not worth looking at. Sex has evolved for the mature and not for the Under 18. I remember My parents say don't see those movies when I was KID, well do these Indian theater stop the kids from… Continue reading Is Sex a bad thing in life

Tool for fellow Bloggers

Zookoda a new tool which helps to keep in touch with your readers, well if there are readers who want to get notified about the new post or rather an important notification, Zookoda Mailing list is the ultimate I registered with them and made a mailing list and tried to have on the WordPress blog.… Continue reading Tool for fellow Bloggers


No this is not about the Movie Sphere, this one is helpful for Bloggers. Well assume that you want to blog about a hot product but you want to know what other bloggers have said you click on the Bookmarklet which you installed via the site and Voila is the results. Sounds more like technorati

BEYBLADE – amazing addiction among Kids

Beleive it or not, when I was young I love to play with the Top, Just like the beyblade, But that top was just INR 1 (Indian rupee) or so at that time, but the pricing of Beyblade is INR 299. I am not complaining about the pricing because of the user-Experience. My son had… Continue reading BEYBLADE – amazing addiction among Kids