Indian Cricket – Losing, Winning The Game

Isn’t losing and winning part of a game?

There are numerous questions in the mind of Indians, few of mine are been listed below.

Why have we Indians started taking things personally after losing the world cup cricket match?
My personal feeling is that, we never sold a company product. we sold cricket in our advertisement. Our expectation on the players had crossed the threshold and we are not ready to accept the limitations of Indian Players.

Well I wouldn’t even say limitation, It is player made limitation or rather that the feeling of invincibility with out them the team wouldn’t exist and I have made my money, and interested in making more money from ads by staying fit and I am not here to perform in the game.

The basic fear is missing  (performance, consistency = player in the team for the next match)

If the Cricket Board had been truly unbiased and could make the players off the field and bring in players who are dependable and have more consistency. If one hits a century he could stay in the team for the next 10 or more matches with out performing. Does our Indian companies give you hike if you were in the same position.

  1. Advertising
  2. Players
  3. Team Board

are the three legs of the stool (more or less a management gyan).  All three needs to co-exist in order to increase the probability of success.

There have been advertising gurus who have been saying that celebrity ads could backfire. And this one is the best example.

Who is supposed to take the responsibility?
Remember We made them to grow.

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