Her Morning Elegance – Amazing Video

It is been a long time since I have seen a nice video, by using simple technique, like the stop motion photography. I wouldn’t say making this video is simple, it takes hours to create the video, the main thing is the lighting which needs to be considered. Oren Lavie – Her Morning Elegance by… Continue reading Her Morning Elegance – Amazing Video

Convert Home made videos to DivX Pro holiday format. Free, limited time offer

Good news for the home video lovers, DivX pro is currently  available for free. Yeah Free for a limited time only so don’t wait. here is the link to the DivX pro holiday download page And thanks to Tal Siach for sharing the resource.

Joost the best way to view TV programs – India

Any one wanted to view reviews of cars, Well I view them right at my comfort. View TV videos in fullscreen and imagine these programs are not actually possible in India “Fifth Gear” TV channel ,atleast to my knowledge. Well I did blog this, right from the Joost program. It has chat,rating, blog – well… Continue reading Joost the best way to view TV programs – India

Live Free or Die Hard 4

Are you a die hard fan, then don’t miss this movie. Live Free or Die Hard. Why Live Free or Die Hard for director Len Wisemen? The director of this movie Len Wisemen has seen this movie about 19 years before and has been making short films on his own with the die hard theme… Continue reading Live Free or Die Hard 4

How to buy mobile Phones cheap?

If you are in Chennai, this info could be of little help to you. It may work for other cities too, because the mobile market competition is at the peak, that the store doesn’t want to loose a single referral customer. So here is the trick. You need to do a ground work before you… Continue reading How to buy mobile Phones cheap?

Create StoryBoard/ presentation with toonDoo or Fix8

What is ToonDoo? ToonDoo let you to create your own storyboard or presentation. Comic characters come to life with respect to your creativity. Well something like you don’t need a graphic artist or designer to create a cartoon character to tell the story of what you have in your mind. So What is Fix8? Well… Continue reading Create StoryBoard/ presentation with toonDoo or Fix8