How to choose a stable working software product?

My Product Manager was recently here at our Chennai, India office, currently he stays in the U.S He actually suggested this to our customers or who ever he met at the trade shows, (when customer do enquire about stability) on how to get a stable working software. Simple look at the build number for a… Continue reading How to choose a stable working software product?

Honda hybrid now in India

Good news for people in India who care for the environment, but the cost of these cars will be dear to their pockets. With 104 percent duty levied by the Indian Government the ex showroom price would be 21.50 Lakh INR. Here are the details about the new Honda Hybrid from the Honda Indian website… Continue reading Honda hybrid now in India

Let the Game continue – NSFW

NSFW – Not safe for work.The content isn’t that vulgar, depends on your boss “it could be your wife too ;). “I would say the site should atleast score 5 stars for its execution. (hey sarathy uv are you listening, he is a budding director)  Good story boarding and ultimate use of technology (flash flv… Continue reading Let the Game continue – NSFW

Good bye mGinger, Welcome SMS2India

mGinger finds a new competitor – I am seriously excited about the way their business proposal runs. Referral signup – if you need a referral Signup id: More earnings, because of referral signup More specific categories of advertisement to choose – helps the advertiser as the customer chooses specified advertisement. (targeted customers) Better… Continue reading Good bye mGinger, Welcome SMS2India

What could be the Ideal Business for mGinger?

Dudes strike this deal, Here is my business proposal or call it a new marketing concept, on Digital Advertisements Call up a meeting with all mobile service providers. You already have the user’s preference of likes and dislikes. Now you don’t have to SMS any one. Instead put up Plasma displays every where in the… Continue reading What could be the Ideal Business for mGinger?

mGinger – mobile SMS nuisance

Do you want to get paid for the SMS which you receive on your mobile? Here are the ad providers, who would send SMS on your mobile and you could eventually earn money for viewing and deleting the SMS. Currently the site says How much money can I make? Ads you receive per day X… Continue reading mGinger – mobile SMS nuisance

Apple iPhone is more on Usability, for the Class and not Mass

Long time ago I said in one of my post “Why in the first place do we need keys for our gadgets why not just touch screens, view a large video, type things like you find one on the tablet PC or handheld devices (PDAs).” read here –> Apple is the only company who seemed… Continue reading Apple iPhone is more on Usability, for the Class and not Mass

Proactive Castrol BikeZone MSF Manager

Mr. Baskaran MSF Manager Castrol BikeZone First Things First: I would like to appreciate the proactiveness of Castrol BikeZone MSF Manager, actually I was quiet surprised, I didn’t expect it to be so soon, He came down to my office at velachery on rainy afternoon, just to address the procedures what they follow at Castrol… Continue reading Proactive Castrol BikeZone MSF Manager

End to Anonymous Phone Calls & Privacy

I guess Citibank  is the first to be proactive to put an end to anonymous Phone calls, promotional mailers (spam mails). Yesterday I received a Mail from Citibank asking me for the preference of me receiving the mails. I remember the same when I worked in Clasticon Solutions a year ago, My friend Navin told me… Continue reading End to Anonymous Phone Calls & Privacy

Have you heard the about the Word EE?

EE Emulate ( Simulate the application from scratch or with the know source code ) Enhance ( Add new Features, Enhance the existing one, tweak the code to work faster ) This holds good for products or service which are available in the market and most of them follow it. Why? Users love the existing… Continue reading Have you heard the about the Word EE?