Lend and earn through Lendbee

Lendbee is a closed contact network which allows you to share eBooks, Books, Old Magazines, Old Movie CD/ DVD, educational CD/DVD, Old Games CD/DVD and much more. Whom does it cater too? Office: Close pals in an office network of like minded people who buy managerial/ management books or Technical, fiction, spiritual or self discipline… Continue reading Lend and earn through Lendbee

Rare Photos – Chennai

The following photos are no where of technical nor they depicted beauty in nature. It is about pure timing of these photographs. Last Saturday morning 30th June 2007 at 6:30 AM at Perambur railway station, I had been there to pick up my in laws, the train Aleppey Express was late by 60 mins. All… Continue reading Rare Photos – Chennai

Mp3 Player for Bloggers

Do you want to have your own mp3 player on your blogs?I have created a small project using Adobe Flash, there are different files available, one with mp3 file embedded and other supports with external mp3 and both support streaming. If you are interested you can download the source files here.Currently there is no support… Continue reading Mp3 Player for Bloggers