How important is important interruption?

Few days a ago we meet Ms. Sukeshini Grandhi a PhD candidate and currently doing an intern for Nielsen Norman group, yeah the usability guru Jacob Nielsen, she was at our campus. Her work seems to be fascinating, she expressed her current passion, working on personal notification system (something like that) it is more or… Continue reading How important is important interruption?

Bachelors – Go get a life

I have couple of young friends, some just finished out of college and waiting for job and some as fresher’s out in my office and some who have enough experience in the job and stay Single. I have seen these youngsters getting dated to the bright and colorful computer monitor, late in the evening chatting… Continue reading Bachelors – Go get a life

Want to have friend?

This is in continuation of my previous post Bachelors – Go get a lifeI am just trying to kindle the fire in every one of youWhat is the next step? If you need a girl friend you need to follow these steps Step 1: ListenLearn to Listen (even after knowing this trick I do the… Continue reading Want to have friend?

Fast & Steady relationship

This post is in continuation of Want to have friend? What type you R, I and not comparing you with the honda type R cars, they are fast and reliableAre you looking at 2 fast 2 furious relationshipremember it is not meant to last. Most men do this mistake: before marriage they care for the first lady and… Continue reading Fast & Steady relationship

Howto screenshot as 300DPI

The other day we were working for the NewYork trade show Artwork and we wanted to take a ManageEngine Opmanager screen snapshot and make a billboard.Task: What you see on the computer screen is 72 DPI where as on print what we need atleast a minimum of 100 DPI better one of 300 DPI Howto:Desire… Continue reading Howto screenshot as 300DPI

Howto -Printing Background colors : browser setup

We have been working on ManageEngine -> Opmanager -> MSP product and faced a situation on printing reports. Task Print graph: The task was to print to graph which had the border and color filled. we searched around IE and Firefox browser Firefox was little intelligent – they showed the option under File -> Page… Continue reading Howto -Printing Background colors : browser setup

End to Anonymous Phone Calls & Privacy

I guess Citibank  is the first to be proactive to put an end to anonymous Phone calls, promotional mailers (spam mails). Yesterday I received a Mail from Citibank asking me for the preference of me receiving the mails. I remember the same when I worked in Clasticon Solutions a year ago, My friend Navin told me… Continue reading End to Anonymous Phone Calls & Privacy

Love & Road Safety

Those who love their wife, will not say NO to helmet Does the above line find you some familiarity (Just translate in Tamil) – The above copy is from the Ad – Prestige Cooker I saw this couple on the guindy road, chennai. Believe me there have been fatal accidents on the same lane. I would say they are really… Continue reading Love & Road Safety

create Simple Custom DHTML POPUP

Follow the simple steps to achieve the popup, no use of prototype, moofx and other prototypes available on the net. I have taken reference from Little Boxes in order to create the box centered for IE and firefox. Step 1 Create style sheet – save the below content as “fxpopup.css” body { margin: 0px 0px… Continue reading create Simple Custom DHTML POPUP

Adventnet Japan

I like japanese people for 3 reasons, They are kind of inspiration when it comes to work for me. Hardwork – I don’t have to comment Perfection – ” “ Respect – he would bend his head down thousand times (bow) while we had a conversation I am about to introduce Yoshiyuki Sone, collegue of… Continue reading Adventnet Japan