Feet 1st then your head

It is all about taking a bath. Why would nature allow us to experience feet 1st to feel water? Looks like there is a scientific reason on why our feet should feel the water first, it has something to adaptation of our body with temperature. I have heard from my friend’s grand parent that this… Continue reading Feet 1st then your head

Red eyes, How? Kathakali

I am sure, you all wondered how the eyes become red, I thought it was glycerine, but later realized that it would wear of in minutes. How do dance artist make their eyes red? The answer is solanum anguivi lam a.k.a Chunda poo, they use the seed. I was in a state of shock to… Continue reading Red eyes, How? Kathakali

Velankanni – extended trip no:1 – 2013

A larger view of photos can be found here This post is a continuation of  Chennai – Thanjavur Road trip No:1 – 2013 As I said we reached Karikal, had to meet a relative and from there we set out to Nagapattinam to reach Velankanni in the morning. Velankanni is a commercial place, yet the temple… Continue reading Velankanni – extended trip no:1 – 2013

You can never become first on a public road, drive with a smile

You can never become first on a public road The above line holds good if you are racing against time on any public road. If you did over take a car ahead of you, there will be countless car ahead of you before you reach your destination. I drive around 50KMS/day and I have personally… Continue reading You can never become first on a public road, drive with a smile

Tata to produce Air compressed car, inline with Nano

Just been reading articles about the Tata Nano and the Guy Negre Air compressed car on these articles, I guess Tata is marking an impression of India in the world map on the automobile front. Hope to see the Tata come up the new Air Compressed car. Wish you all the best guys. Motor Authority… Continue reading Tata to produce Air compressed car, inline with Nano

Egg logic – apply to reduce Fuel price

The below mail was forward, I think it is worth a read for people who want to reduce the price of Petrol. If not many, I would like to still support this movement. Wish there was some website to educate people. A man eats two eggs each morning for breakfast.  When he goes to the… Continue reading Egg logic – apply to reduce Fuel price

Honda hybrid now in India

Good news for people in India who care for the environment, but the cost of these cars will be dear to their pockets. With 104 percent duty levied by the Indian Government the ex showroom price would be 21.50 Lakh INR. Here are the details about the new Honda Hybrid from the Honda Indian website… Continue reading Honda hybrid now in India