Red eyes, How? Kathakali

Kathakali - red eyes
Kathakali – red eyes

I am sure, you all wondered how the eyes become red, I thought it was glycerine, but later realized that it would wear of in minutes.

How do dance artist make their eyes red?

chunda seed
chunda seed

The answer is solanum anguivi lam a.k.a Chunda poo, they use the seed.

I was in a state of shock to see the seed, placed in the lower part of lid

chunda poo kuru - ottanThullal
chunda poo kuru – ottanThullal

I asked Ashan, doesn’t it hurt, for which he answered, You know what

” Your eyes become super cool, you need little practice to have seed under the lid. Once you remove the seed, the effect stays for an hour or so, and it becomes natural. Worried about Cataract – this is best medicine” and he laughs out loud.



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