Adventnet turns 10 years old

Adventnet, My office where I work turns10 years old on september 1st 2006, That means we are more reliable than ever before, than means more customers, more products and more fun and a big Family. The chennai Development Center will be heading for the party tommorow at Mayajal. This post is for my friends who… Continue reading Adventnet turns 10 years old

Adobe Website dropdown

After downloading Shockwave player, the player redirected the browser to the player activation page where I found the menu dropdown to be buggy, you can see the second snapshot, I was using IE7 on windows XP.I was wondering, is there any fix for the dropdown with active X plugin overlap, Flash with dropdown seems to… Continue reading Adobe Website dropdown

gangofgirls & cagedLions

I read an article from forbes about relationship and career, and both the writers have written things eighter out of their own experience or articles they read from other magazines or newsletters etc that seemed to fit them, some are actual facts but will it work for us. No advice is a perfect advice unless… Continue reading gangofgirls & cagedLions

Getting your to know your Flickr ID

I had trouble in find my flickr id, it is not the screen name, Flickr seems to have a different represenation if you want to find your ID here it is Click me to find out Why do you need to know about your flickr ID?If you want to popularise your photos you can use… Continue reading Getting your to know your Flickr ID

Public functions and Indian Roads

Public functions and Indian Roads [grouper=mtg/mtgPlayer.swf?;321;265] View on Add to WordPress Blog we all crib about the indian roads, look at the video, it is small temple where they are going to have a function for the Aadi festival. And roads are being dug to erect these poles. they continute to destroy our roads… Continue reading Public functions and Indian Roads

cool chennai and a Toyota

[grouper=mtg/mtgPlayer.swf?;321;265]today morning was an ultimate climate, it was cloudy and a gloomy day, but the mood which it sets was “happy”. I didn’t have to switch on my Airconditioner on my car, just loud music of madonna’s latest hits and kept watching those amazing cars and one eye on the road, and just kept shooting… Continue reading cool chennai and a Toyota

Spotted the Lexus -Indian Roads

[grouper=mtg/mtgPlayer.swf?;321;265] This morning, on the way to office I spotted a Lexus on the road, it was Maharastra registration vechile, The car looks excellent. Well India too seems to have proud owner of these foreign cars. Add a video comment to this videoTechnorati Tags: cars, lexus, fast cars, shoot

Why Bill feels like GOD?

I am talking about our Evil Bill Gates (Microsoft Founder), and why he feels like god. Consider these scenarios He is the only guy I know who made Money during his generation, it is not his ancestral property, his money. His wish is his command, What he want happens? Why wouldn’t he feel he is… Continue reading Why Bill feels like GOD?