Bloggers, own your domain


  1. It happened that a post on a facebook CBC group that A blog has plagiarized our member blog post.
  2. Apart from that, I learned from and CBCian “Sylvian” that Google can also own your content and if needed they could use them for their own purpose if needed, that is what policy says.
  3. For what you write, blogger or wordpress or any subdomain owners contribution improves ranking for the domain i.e or etc

Here is what I learned, once I moved to my domain. What ever I write or the media belongs to me, all rights reserved.

Who should move to their own domain?

If you are casual blogger, occasional post and probably feel you would not make a dent in the universe, then it is a big no.
People who are trying to creating their own branding in any genre, name it fashion, photography, tech blogger etc, should plan to move.

How can you avoid plagiarism?

If you use wordpress CMS, there is a plugin available “Yoast WordPress SEO” under RSS feeds you could customize your URL, so what happens, if bots copy your content, still it points to your own domain and not his. I am sure, your design company could also write a custom plugin to solve this problem.

RSS feed

Click on the image to have a larger view.

So who is the content owner now?

It is you

What about your ranking for your work?

If you can write for a subdomain owner, why not for you and create own branding image.

Know you customers – need & usage

A disappointed salesman of Coca Cola returns from his Middle East assignment.

A friend asked, “Why weren’t you successful with the Arabs?”

The salesman explained, “When I got posted in the Middle East , I was very confident that I would make a good sales pitch as Cola is virtually unknown there. But, I had a problem I didn’t know to speak Arabic. So, I planned to convey the message through three posters…

Man exhaustedMan drinking coca colaMan is energetic

click on the image for a large view

First poster- Aman lying in the hot desert sand…totally exhausted and fainting.

Second poster – man is drinking our Cola.

Third poster – Our man is now totally refreshed.

Then these posters were pasted all over the place

“That should have worked,” said the friend.

The salesman replied “I also didn’t realize that Arabs go from right to left”

Kindly note: this was a forward mail, I liked it, so I am sharing with you all.

College Students, Bee a smart Lender – use LendBee

Photo Courtesy: Rosie Hardy

Imagine countless books for reference on top of your semester books, Carrying them, taking care of them is a much pain. Here is a cool solution which will make you feel better

Lendbee is a system which allows you to share books, CD, DVD, Movies, Magazines, Ebooks and those online manuals which you can actually share with a closed group of friends and college juniors. The best part is no ones else knows what materials you share except the ones on your group.

Bee a smart Lender and let some one take care of your materials and how to place them in their apartments, when you need them back, the lendbee allows you to track the materials on who currently has them.

So check the lendbee today, remember knowledge is power, so can even expect your friends to share materials which you can get them for free.

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Singles Advertisements at its best

After a very long time I am seeing some funny advertisement which provoked me to go and look at what the site is all about.

Three simple advertisements as follows

really cool ads from
This site never said a word about dating or singles, just the intension of an idea person.

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Go single by 40 – advertisement

Click for a larger view
Nice concept, and Shabana Azmi actually delivers the punch for the Ad. As she is considered as the leading feminist, most men tend to look at the lines delivered on the hoarding addressing as better to “Go single after 40” & the other ad says “Life begins after 40”

Note: The ad is about the lens, which doesn’t need to have 2 portions one for the short sight and the other long site. Now made single.

Hats off to the Art director and the copywriter.

What it takes to win in Marketing?

You must have had this aptitude test questions asked by some marketing guys or hot sexy ladies during interviews or during a casual talks.

Suppose you are the conductor, and there are 2 tracks, on one track 5 kids are playing which is the usual path for the train the track 1 and on the track 2 has one kid playing, Now which track will you allow the train to pass through

What would be your choice?
I choose the track 2 with the one kid, because I didn’t want all of them to die.

Here comes the Smart marketing guy’s answer. Hey, the 5 kids on the track 1 know that it is the usual path for the train. They expect the train to cross on this track, so they will move away. So don’t kill the single kid who doesn’t expect the train to pass on track 2.

Wow, a smart answer isn’t it.

Is there any one in the crowd wants to fight with this Smart Marketing ass.

Well I do, Did you ever notice the missing pieces of text from the above question.

Suppose you are the conductor, and there are 2 tracks, on one track 5 kids are playing which is the usual path for the train the track 1 and on the track 2 has one kid playing, Now which track will you allow the train to pass through. Well the 5 kids do know that the train passes through this track 1 apart from that, the kid on the track 2 also know that the train passes through track 1.

So ask the above question to a close friend to find the answer?, You will get the answers.

The trick comes by concealing vital information, Like saying it is obvious or known fact or even by jumbling words to make it look like it conveys the meaning.

So be careful, when you have conversation with a marketing guys and sexy marketing women too😉. Mostly they win by their words, it’s Ok to loose, but gain the experience.

That is marketing – all marketers are lairs. I didn’t say that, “Seth Godin ” said that.

Well I  just pulling my close marketing friends in to debate.

Johnson baby’s soap VS Mother’s skin

Johnson baby soap

What in the world has Baby’s soap got to do with Mother’s Skin or skin show off ads?

First thing first

My applause to the advertising company, for delivering an amazing television and hoarding advertisements on the same theme.

Now to get to the Johnson’s company delivering babies soap.  Why do they want the hot, sexy moms to use their soap.

For me Mother is considered sentimental, I can’t imagine anything any more. Anyways thanks for eye popping commercials.

Dove just said “Dove is not a soap, it contains 1/4 moisturizing cream and extra ingredients” Well I didn’t remember the exact words which they delivered on their advertisement long back.

I felt their positioning of the product was better.

Spinning girl, right or left brain perception(SFW)

Spinning Girl

The spinning girl image can let you know which part of your brain works for you and how you perceive thing normally.

Which way is she spinning for you?

Clockwise or Anti Clockwise

If clockwise you are using your right side of you brain. If anti clockwise you are using your left side of your brain. It is not that difficult to experience the anti clockwise or vice versa, all it takes is to move your eyes away from the image for few seconds and view the spinning girl again.

Well if you wanted to know more about the psychology studies related to the spinning girl find it right here. And countless thanks for my friend (Girish) who showed me the link.

Brazil vs Argentina – funny Ads

A friend of mine just sent me a forward mail. Thought, it would be good to share with all of you. Amazing advertisement

Before the football match between Argentina and Brazil…,

An Argentinean condom company came up with this advertisement to show the Brazilians what they were going to do to them

brazil argentina condom ads

Brazil won the match and their Football organization replied to the advertisement.
brazil argentina condom ads

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Aren’t tools making us dumb

Yeah, It is about WYSIWYG editors or IDE for most application we create.
Yes I accept these tools help Productivity which is the major concern.

I just want to explain how Indian (asians) learning methodology differs from the American way of education and it has go to do with the tools which make us dumb

If we just compare the Indian kid with an American kid, there is lot of difference in the way they learn, few are explained below

Indian Kids
Basics or the fundamentals very strong
Why are we strong in our fundamentals?
The basic reason is that our education system still believes in the clark tables and manual calculation no support of calculator till we reach the pre degree or the Plus 1. Our theory knowledge is good but mostly we lack in the practical knowledge, due to lack of infrastructure
Their strength lies with calculation, programming or just take commands to execute things

American Kids
KISS – “keep it simple stupid” is the main idea. or Don’t make me think
Infrastructure has never been a problem, from calculators to Computers are at their disposal. To the funnier site they could even outsource their home work with the use of internet.
Their strength lies in the designing and managerial capabilities

Do you remember those young old days (kindergarten times)how we use to write impositions to remember things or read things aloud

What if we just use text editors and don’t depend on Dreamweaver in the initial stages to learn CSS and XHTML?
Yes that is the right approach, I learned from the pros who have been doing the table less or the css way of creating a web page. I remember the old days where Dreamweaver/ FrontPage was in early stages where I learned by just typing the syntax on a text editor notepad. Today I have been addicted by using dreamweaver and my learning curve has been at large with respect to time.

The same goes with all the IDE s, my developer friends in Opmanger team at Adventnet still continue to use text editors that is how I learned from them.

I don’t say using IDE is a sin. But initially restraining from the use of IDE helps learning curve short. Once you learn the basics or the fundamentals, most things in Dreamweaver  seems to be too relevant. At least it helps you to optimize the Dreamweaver code when it comes to connection scripts with the database.

What do you feel?

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