FusionCharts Free V2 – Free Flash Charts

Good news from IndSoft Global for Software/ Web developers. Now IndSoft Global is offering its Fusion charts V2 for Free. Terms of use: InfoSoft Global grants you a nonexclusive right to use FusionCharts Free subject to the following terms and conditions: FusionCharts Free can be used for free if you are a individual/research/commercial user. FusionCharts… Continue reading FusionCharts Free V2 – Free Flash Charts

Firefox firebug can slowdown Gmail

I was quiet thrilled when Gmail showed me this error msg. Gmail detected the browser to be firefox and the firebug addon turned on. I use firebug extension when I make AJAX calls on my projects, it is turned on by default. In fact Gmail suggest what you can do to fix the problem, here… Continue reading Firefox firebug can slowdown Gmail

Google Soon to announce Open Social API

What does that mean to developers? Those who are yet to start on the sharing platform, the work is simplified. For developers who have already started, I see little bit of rework for all their apps if they want to use Google’s code. Here is the link to google open social API OpenSocial More news… Continue reading Google Soon to announce Open Social API

Bubble Msg with delay – Javascript

Annoyed with the bubble messages on mouse hover on a link. Why not add delay to the bubble msg. Prerequisite: your html body needs to have an empty <div> with a id defined for example: 1: <body> 2: <div id=”bubbles”></div> 3: </body> Here is the include for fxbubble.js in html page -> <head> tag. for… Continue reading Bubble Msg with delay – Javascript

create Simple Custom DHTML POPUP

Follow the simple steps to achieve the popup, no use of prototype, moofx and other prototypes available on the net. I have taken reference from Little Boxes in order to create the box centered for IE and firefox. Step 1 Create style sheet – save the below content as “fxpopup.css” body { margin: 0px 0px… Continue reading create Simple Custom DHTML POPUP

Google and Yahoo product Integration by loc.alize.us

There are lot of software products which gets integrated with in the same company  or some add functionality  to the other, This product seems to be unique, the reason, it takes really pain to integrate 2 service based products from 2 different compaines  (google maps and Yahoo’s flickr) to provide a unique service. It is… Continue reading Google and Yahoo product Integration by loc.alize.us

The man I adore

Well at the age of 59 how many of us will be tweaking the codes or even writing codes. One great inspiration for people who are lazy like me, he is Stu Nicholls This gentleman has pioneered in css that he has developed numerous menus, layouts and most of which are browser independent. Well if… Continue reading The man I adore

CSS Hack for browsers using simple Javascipt

Have you been facing problems with css styling with different browsers I faced one with the div width with IE and firefox Here is a neat trick. /* save the below code as css_browser_selector.js */ /* var css_browser_selector = function() { var ua = navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase(); var h = document.getElementsByTagName(‘html’)[0]; var c = h.className; if(ua.indexOf(‘msie’) !=… Continue reading CSS Hack for browsers using simple Javascipt

Adobe releases Flash player 9

Adobe Flash Player Download Center File size: 1,324 K Download Time Estimate: 2 minutes @ 56K modem Version: 9,0,16,0 Browser: Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape, Opera, and CompuServe Date Posted: 6/27/2006 Language: English Did you find some thing missing on the browser listing- Internet Explorer -(IE) Not sure whether it intentional Technorati Tags: flash, flash player, flash… Continue reading Adobe releases Flash player 9