My Ordeal when my bike crashed

Yesterday, late in the evening when I was returning home, right in the middle of traffic my bike just broke down. It has been happening with me for the past couple of days, so I was cautious enough to have the tools right with me to fix my bike. There has been a problem with… Continue reading My Ordeal when my bike crashed

Car Owners Pride – Visual Add on

Why do you need security for your cars?You don’t need them any more, your neighbors will do that job for you. Wonderful  Ad, executed by Agency: Publicis Graffiti, ArgentinaDirector General Creativo: ChecheCreative Directors: Diego Medvedocky, Lisandro GrandalCopywriter: Diego CavalliArt Director: Julián MizrahiAccount Manager: Valeria Pulice Courtesy : Adsof I will be trying to get… Continue reading Car Owners Pride – Visual Add on

Passion down to the pyramid

Working is important, but with passion is even more important, because that is one which shows the right path to reach for your goal in life (career). successful product/service have passionate users and passionate contributors. What happens when the passion doesn’t drive down the pyramid?There is a solid example right on my blog. If you… Continue reading Passion down to the pyramid

Celebrating Children’s day with Fever

From Yesterday, my son had a running temperature and I had booked for consultation with a pediatrician this morning. This guys wakes up early this morning says “I need to go to school, it is children’s day and it is party time” I had to cancel the consultation this morning, skipped my proper breakfast, didn’t… Continue reading Celebrating Children’s day with Fever

Proactive Castrol BikeZone MSF Manager

Mr. Baskaran MSF Manager Castrol BikeZone First Things First: I would like to appreciate the proactiveness of Castrol BikeZone MSF Manager, actually I was quiet surprised, I didn’t expect it to be so soon, He came down to my office at velachery on rainy afternoon, just to address the procedures what they follow at Castrol… Continue reading Proactive Castrol BikeZone MSF Manager

What is Site24X7 beta

Do you have a website? And if your service provider never cares to provide you a site availability report, here is the magical tool which does the following capabilities 1) monitors the URL2) checks for a supplied keywords on your site for eg any important keyword on your content, there are 2 uses of this… Continue reading What is Site24X7 beta

World Usability Day 2006

Satyam Computers is the main sponsor for this eventIf you are an usability engineer or any thing to do with usability in India and would like to participate, please register, as the last date is 13th of November 2006the event is on 14th of November 2006. Hope to catch you guys/gals out there. Technorati Tags:… Continue reading World Usability Day 2006

Royalty Free & Rights Managed Images (getty Images)

What is the difference between Royalty Free and Rights Managed?I had asked the same with Getty Images (an Indian representative company in India) answered me as Royalty Free Imagesare the ones have a fixed price and can be used as many times you want irrespective of the media (web, Print, TV etc)Rights Managedare the ones… Continue reading Royalty Free & Rights Managed Images (getty Images)

Mudleggers from the roads of Chennai

You have heard of Woodland Shoes, but they are not made of wood, but a new fashion trendsetter in Chennai brings “Mudleggers” from the Roads of Chennai, They are real to have mud, and this shoes is not for the faint at heart.This is how the road was The whole thing happened because of the… Continue reading Mudleggers from the roads of Chennai