How Commercial Software, can fight against the Free Softwares?

Before you jumping in to making of a software you looked in to the market and realized there is enough market share. Now you made it, wanted to test them. You made it free as a beta Phase, you now started making commercial version of the same and by retaining the free version with limited… Continue reading How Commercial Software, can fight against the Free Softwares?

June 7th is World Drawing Day – Use ToonDoo

Hi Friends As you might have seen from the title that tomorrow is world drawing day. If you would like to express your creativity ToonDoo is the right place. There are numerous characters, props available in the Library all you have to do is drag and drop. You don’t even have to draw, just use… Continue reading June 7th is World Drawing Day – Use ToonDoo

Aren’t tools making us dumb

Yeah, It is about WYSIWYG editors or IDE for most application we create.Yes I accept these tools help Productivity which is the major concern. I just want to explain how Indian (asians) learning methodology differs from the American way of education and it has go to do with the tools which make us dumb If… Continue reading Aren’t tools making us dumb

Seth Godin needs this mobile

I had been to “The MobileStore” at Annanagar, 2nd avenue, chennai last evening, and was in the search for Scratch guard for my Nokia N70 as soon my eyes was on the samsung SGH- E250 with a special feature saying Mobile tracker, It got my attention. This mobile has all features of Nokia N70 +… Continue reading Seth Godin needs this mobile

Brand vs Local shop

A discussion which Mr. Baskran of Castrol BikeZone MSF Manager and I had last week. You might have known about my death of Nokia N70 and the rebirth of Nokia N70 which I spoke in the other blog. He had been to my office at Adventnet for a friendly chat on one afternoon and I… Continue reading Brand vs Local shop

What is Site24X7 beta

Do you have a website? And if your service provider never cares to provide you a site availability report, here is the magical tool which does the following capabilities 1) monitors the URL2) checks for a supplied keywords on your site for eg any important keyword on your content, there are 2 uses of this… Continue reading What is Site24X7 beta

Adventnet Japan

I like japanese people for 3 reasons, They are kind of inspiration when it comes to work for me. Hardwork – I don’t have to comment Perfection – ” “ Respect – he would bend his head down thousand times (bow) while we had a conversation I am about to introduce Yoshiyuki Sone, collegue of… Continue reading Adventnet Japan

Adventnet turns 10 years old

Adventnet, My office where I work turns10 years old on september 1st 2006, That means we are more reliable than ever before, than means more customers, more products and more fun and a big Family. The chennai Development Center will be heading for the party tommorow at Mayajal. This post is for my friends who… Continue reading Adventnet turns 10 years old

My Picasa 2 Web Albums My experience

I had been on vacation with my friends and family tour, When I came back I didn’t have option to show all the images to all my friends. Yeah I know we have lots of websites which offer you free upload of images and allow you to view them, but the toughest part was to… Continue reading My Picasa 2 Web Albums My experience

Don’t Just Stop with Website for promotion

I remember yesterday evening I was saying the same thing to DevAnand, If Opmanager MSP needs to come to top in search engine you need more people to talk about Opmanager MSP in the blogs and you more potential customers on the website. Why Blog? why not just google ads? Website Keywords, description etc ?… Continue reading Don’t Just Stop with Website for promotion