check out the new facebook layout

I have been wondering why the url had subdomain called “new” and it turned out that Facebook is trying out a new layout. A nice way to gain acceptance from users to try out old layout to new layout. If people still stick on the old design the designers at facebook know that their design… Continue reading check out the new facebook layout

Know about Silverlight & Expression Studio in chennai

Here is a good chance for Creative Directors Design Managers Graphic Designers Interactive Designers Multimedia Designers Web Designers Usability Professionals UI Developers to know more about Microsoft Silverlight and Expression studio, the seminar is happening today i.e 13th November 2007 between 6-7 PM at Dublin, ITC Hotel Park Sheraton & Towers, No.132, T.T.K. Road, Chennai-600… Continue reading Know about Silverlight & Expression Studio in chennai

Dreamweaver good bye, YAML Welcome

YAML is the the new way of designing web layouts. Adhering  to the Web standards Support of major browsers WYSIWYG options. When my title said Dreamweaver goodbye, I meant only for creating layouts, YAML compliments Adobe Dreaweaver. If you are a web designer or a web developer, kindly take a test drive on the YAML Builder.… Continue reading Dreamweaver good bye, YAML Welcome

Aren’t tools making us dumb

Yeah, It is about WYSIWYG editors or IDE for most application we create.Yes I accept these tools help Productivity which is the major concern. I just want to explain how Indian (asians) learning methodology differs from the American way of education and it has go to do with the tools which make us dumb If… Continue reading Aren’t tools making us dumb

Adobe Website dropdown

After downloading Shockwave player, the player redirected the browser to the player activation page where I found the menu dropdown to be buggy, you can see the second snapshot, I was using IE7 on windows XP.I was wondering, is there any fix for the dropdown with active X plugin overlap, Flash with dropdown seems to… Continue reading Adobe Website dropdown

Programmer meet Designer

I remember my X  Boss would ask me whether he could get reliable freelancers for short term project and we would be calling up friends to check on the designers or developers. Seems like the end of nagging your pals and a start of a new search on the web Now you could partner with… Continue reading Programmer meet Designer

CSS Hack for browsers using simple Javascipt

Have you been facing problems with css styling with different browsers I faced one with the div width with IE and firefox Here is a neat trick. /* save the below code as css_browser_selector.js */ /* var css_browser_selector = function() { var ua = navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase(); var h = document.getElementsByTagName(‘html’)[0]; var c = h.className; if(ua.indexOf(‘msie’) !=… Continue reading CSS Hack for browsers using simple Javascipt

Confusions of a developer – Choice of Ajax Framework

Top 10 Web Developer Libraries – Cameron Olthuis Top 10 Web Developer Libraries June 16th, 2006 39 Comments I decided to make a list of the top libraries that I have come across or that I personally use. Libraries can be a web developers best friend. They are great resources to learn from and can… Continue reading Confusions of a developer – Choice of Ajax Framework

Google Web ToolKit – is another Ajax tool kit

There have been a number of big and small players who have been contributing to AJAX – BUZZ. to name a few popular ones Prototype Ruby on rails MOOFX Mochit scriptaculous Open Rico DOJO Bindows Zimbra Yahoo Adobe Google and Now Google has web toolkit which is a Java software development framework. Now the problem… Continue reading Google Web ToolKit – is another Ajax tool kit