Chennai to Horsley Hills – family trip

Four families, four cars to Horsley hills from Chennai. We left on 9th of Aug and return on 11th of August 2013. It was an interesting ride and bit risky, will let you know what that risky part was The above are different routes – google maps to reach the destination.

Red eyes, How? Kathakali

I am sure, you all wondered how the eyes become red, I thought it was glycerine, but later realized that it would wear of in minutes. How do dance artist make their eyes red? The answer is solanum anguivi lam a.k.a Chunda poo, they use the seed. I was in a state of shock to… Continue reading Red eyes, How? Kathakali

Meet Ganesha

From the above pictures, can you find Ganesha. I found him in this condition at Ana Thavalam, Kerala. The white patches what you see is bird droppings. Here is one more photo, the lively Ganesha is also not spared, Trust me they take good care of all Ganesha’s very well, I shot this before his… Continue reading Meet Ganesha

Spot your train on Google maps – Indian Railways Trust me, the site is unusable. Reasons stated below Why would a user want to know 1000+ Active train running currently? Why load all the data, making it slow Like the search option, Ajaxified, Well after a click on the result the blue and red arrows don’t mean any thing to a user, Why… Continue reading Spot your train on Google maps – Indian Railways

Spot your train southern Railway – not smart phone friendly

I use this site often on the desktop browser.  Recently I started using an iPhone 3GS IOS 5 for browsing on the move. Today morning I wanted to check on a train entered the train number and clicked on search. Guess what? 2 browser window opened up, each of which was an online advertisement. All… Continue reading Spot your train southern Railway – not smart phone friendly