Just wish to follow these rules for 2019

2018 has been a year of making enough mistakes, and learning from them, and of course having been mentored by mentors have made me stay calm and centric to the values of my remaining 2018. This post is a note for myself, if you did benefit from these, I will be the most happiest person.… Continue reading Just wish to follow these rules for 2019

Affordable Tamil movie channels launched – You will love Tata Sky

For the record, I was at “Off the record” a Restobar for the launch of Tata Sky – Tamil movie channels. Media was present along with few bloggers to understand the services of new channels offered to Tamil customers.  There was a little entertainment from Jagan, a stand up comedian. He entertained on the lines… Continue reading Affordable Tamil movie channels launched – You will love Tata Sky

Who do you think will win in a city traffic ride, bicycle or bike

Yesterday was a different experience for me, After my son had bought a geared bicycle from track & trail, I wanted to try a long drive. It has been a long time since I have tried long distance over bicycle, as I had all the time, I decided to deliver a video file to my… Continue reading Who do you think will win in a city traffic ride, bicycle or bike

Bloggers, own your domain

It happened that a post on a facebook CBC group that A blog has plagiarized our member blog post. Apart from that, I learned from and CBCian “Sylvian” that Google can also own your content and if needed they could use them for their own purpose if needed, that is what policy says. For what… Continue reading Bloggers, own your domain

Singles Advertisements at its best

After a very long time I am seeing some funny advertisement which provoked me to go and look at what the site is all about. Three simple advertisements as follows really cool ads from neu.de This site never said a word about dating or singles, just the intension of an idea person. Technorati Tags: singles,… Continue reading Singles Advertisements at its best

Lend and earn through Lendbee

Lendbee is a closed contact network which allows you to share eBooks, Books, Old Magazines, Old Movie CD/ DVD, educational CD/DVD, Old Games CD/DVD and much more. Whom does it cater too? Office: Close pals in an office network of like minded people who buy managerial/ management books or Technical, fiction, spiritual or self discipline… Continue reading Lend and earn through Lendbee

What it takes to win in Marketing?

You must have had this aptitude test questions asked by some marketing guys or hot sexy ladies during interviews or during a casual talks. “Suppose you are the conductor, and there are 2 tracks, on one track 5 kids are playing which is the usual path for the train the track 1 and on the… Continue reading What it takes to win in Marketing?

Orkut just got redesigned

Orkut rocks again, People at orkut, google have just redesigned the interface – GUI. The home page looks much neater more white space oh no it is blue background. Well looks like some one got inspired from the Microsoft sharepoint , fluid layout with hanging expandable navigation left bar. The logo just got smaller, top… Continue reading Orkut just got redesigned

Good bye mGinger, Welcome SMS2India

mGinger finds a new competitor – sms2India.co.in I am seriously excited about the way their business proposal runs. Referral signup – if you need a referral Signup id: xtremevin@yahoo.com More earnings, because of referral signup More specific categories of advertisement to choose – helps the advertiser as the customer chooses specified advertisement. (targeted customers) Better… Continue reading Good bye mGinger, Welcome SMS2India

mGinger Signup – not a fair deal

Here is a question to the mGinger team. Should the mGinger site have the signup removed. Why? Because the site members should grow only through referrals, Just like how Gmail did initally Signup happened through referrals and the site didn’t have a signup button. What happens if they have a signup. The existing members who… Continue reading mGinger Signup – not a fair deal