Motorola F3 – No Hype mobile phone

Motorola f3
Why Motorola F3 is a no hype phone?
My friend flashed his Motorola F3 from his pocket which he bought recently from Saravana Stores for 1500 INR. As soon as he did i felt it is a mere cheap Phone, I didn’t stop and inquired whether the same was dummy display model from the toy shop. He let me play with the mobile to make my own discovery.

This mobile phone Motorola F3 had just the basic features, I knew my friend could afford to buy a Nokia N-series N70 or a Sony Ericsson W810i which would cost around 14000 INR. Why did he buy this mobile made me think twice?

After serious investigating with the phone I found the Motorola F3 had just basic features

  1. Write SMS*
  2. INBOX to store SMS*
  3. Call History*
  4. Ringtone Setting*
  5. Alarm Setting*
  6. Phone Settings*

Why Motorola F3?
If you are person who just wants to communicate by calling or receiving a call. This is the best phone. No nonsense.

Who would need this Motorola F3?
This mobile phone is no complex, more or less a 1 level of menu, which I explained above *. People like my father who are not gadget savvy or rather have fear for tech gadgets will love this Motorola F3. When ever I visit my home town, my usual routine would be help my father to maneuver with the high tech mobile gadget. Teach teach and teach, just got fed up. Apart from this, text and numbers displayed on the screen are really huge, I would say good readability but you may need to scroll if the text messages are huge.  Battery life is amazing, you may not recharge it quite often like the recent high tech gadgets.

Motorola F3 is a make sensible  mobile phone. Imagine a mobile phone with ultimate features and a person who will not know how to use it maximum features is actually waste of money and will need a high learning curve. Here is the link to the Motorola F3

I have plans to buy 2 pieces of this low tech, no nonsense and no complex gadget. One piece for my father and one for my inlaws. I guess this would be best present for the Vishu kani (New year festival in kerala)

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15 thoughts on “Motorola F3 – No Hype mobile phone

  1. Yes, I agreed. If I gave a Nokia N73 or My sony ericsson K750i, my father also dont know how to use it. He is prefer his Nokia 3310, good enough for him to call or receive call.

  2. Just take a look at it. Back to basics no hastle and cheap if you are someone who leave his phone like the tips at a bar. I think one of the best deals on this mobile phone was £15 from virgin. What more can you ask for if all you want to do it call.

  3. A nice overview of the Motofone F3. I got understand the whole story of the phone. I shall bought if for my mother.

  4. You got it all wrong. It is obviously that you do not come from the tech. industry, becasuse you do not appreciate high tech innovations used in this product, like e-ink display or TI’s one chip RF+DSP GSM front end. Motorola F3 is barely a ‘low tech’ gadget. Motorola is a perfectly designed product.

  5. The motorola F3 is fucking terrible. It is literally the worst mobile phone created since they became smaller than a briefcase. You scroll sideways and read one word at a time to read a text FFS

    And it doesn’t even have a screen, it has a calculator display , there are loads of number 8s in the background that get filled by text.

    Messages therefore read like this:
    HEY R U CoMING To M- (scroll sideways)

    The ringtones are terrible, they don’t even kick in with sound until about 2 seconds from answerphone so you need the reactions of a panther to whip it out and STAMP on the green button to answer a call. You can barely feel the vibration. The menu system is terrible and the “settings” you can alter are… the time and date.

    It’s literally built for illegal immigrants only.

  6. I was wondering. My F3 used to make a noise or rather a signal sound that tells me that I have an incoming text from someone. My siblings ended up randomly pressing something when I wasnt around and now that sound has been disabled. My instruction manual is in spanish and i was wondering if you could tell me how to re-enable that signal to happen. Whenever a text comes in, the phone just flashes and I hate that since I dont hear it at all. Thanks

  7. It’s so sad how people are still racist. I hope they can get over having a black president. (just for illegal immigrants only) Some of these people are doctors and engineers. What an ignorant.

  8. Ohh.. I have an F3 and I love it. If I loose it, I won’t cry over having spent $400. And for my life stile is just what I need.

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