Panic Mode, Self Destruction mode – The future of Mobile Phones.

Well I did watch the movie Mission Impossible 1,2 & 3. I am taking this to next level, I think it is high time for Mobile phones to have this feature of Self Destruction mode. Why?

You should have heard about the excellent feature of Mobile tracker from Samsung. Wow –  Awesome, That Awesome didn’t help my friend to get back his mobile.

What is Mobile tracker?
The owner of the mobile phone needs to store 2 sets of mobile number on to Samsung phone. After which in any case some one changes the SIM card of that mobile with a new SIM card, Immediately a SMS is sent to both the registered numbers of the new SIM card inserted or mobile phone number is revealed. So that the Owner can track who is currently owning his/her mobile.

Now back to story…

My friend had recently lost his mobile tracker enabled mobile phone, in spite of he calling up the current mobile owner, the phone has not yet reached his hands. He threatens to throw the mobile in to a WELL, rather he returns the mobile of fearing a plot to get captured by Cops.

So here is my simple suggestion, I am sure the mobile manufacturers are listening

This phone should have these features

1) Data Sync

2) Panic Mode

3) Self Destruction Mode.

Data Sync: Why can’t all data be backed up instantly or atleast every day, week or month, Well I suggest that to happen automatically on a computer through Wifi or any other method possible. As soon as the user authenticates a particular computer and when the user is well inside the network it should back up the new updates, with out even bothering the Mobile phone owner.

Panic Mode: As soon as you loose your mobile phone, you send an SMS to your mobile phone with some unique keys. From then on any SMS on that mobile phone received will be forwarded to the desired number set by you, All voice calls in conference mode. The data card datas are completely erased.

Assuming the thief is smart enough,  inserts a new SIM card, Panic mode automatically gets activated and any future communications are to shared with the 2 desired numbers already set by the owner of the Mobile phone. More of an enhanced mobile tracker. Let us say the thief is even more smart enough to have an SIM card inserted with little money re-charged, then SMS alone gets activated and when money recharged with sufficient money it should do with conference call.

Self Destruction mode: Assuming you spoke to the thief and is not ready for any deals. Then why the heck he should have your Mobile phone or even sell them. Start activating the Self destruction mode by just sending the SMS with a unique key, kindly note that SMS can be activated from any mobile phone. The mother board starts to melt down by alerting the user with a speaker phone voice activated for self destruction.

Happen to read from Seth Godin blog on

Gil lost his cell phone

I think Seth would appreciate my idea.

Kindly note: Mobile manufacturers, If you intend to use my idea, Kindly reward me. Let’s discuss.

FaceBook killer – Bravo Google Friend Connect

Seems like Google wants to embrace the non social networking sites to be part of social networking sites.

If you thought Myspace, Ning and Facebook made a killing, Please welcome the new Kid on the Block – Google Friend Connect. Do check the introduction video for more elaborate answers.

I see a lot of traffic to be increased to the personal or corporate websites too. All you need to do is sign up then embed few piece of code in to your website and let your friends and customers do the talking (bring the traffic back to you)

How does the traffic happen?
When ever a visitor visits a site and interact, their interactions are being reflected as updates in to the social networking sites which they belong. The updates are not mandatory, if wished, the interactions are reflected.

Corporate sites could integrate friend connect to have more authentic users

Personal websites could bring all friends buzzing among themselves and create new friends too

Bravo Google
An approach to fight spam is unleashed.

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Easy ways to increase your Memory Power & getting productive

Here is one simple question?

How many of you can remember your close or dearest friend’s Phone number?
If you did, Can you remember one more of your close pal’s Phone number.

The best part is most of us are used to high tech gadgets like the cell Phones or the PDA or the iphone (very usable one)

Just to point out when you had your land line Phones (when no mobile Phones were around), how many of you were able to remember your friends Phone number.

I remember my school days where I had everyones phone number on my finger tips. Why did we remember them, because the land line phones which existed long ago didn’t have memory to store all of the contact list.

We forgot to exercise our brains, when we got used to the high tech gadgets.

Now here is the simple tip to exercise your brains, or an easy way to increase your memory power. Just follow few steps

  1. Jot down all the contact information from your mobile phones to phone book or your diary.
  2. Erase all your contact list information from your mobile phones
  3. Every time you make a call, read the numbers loud and dial them on your mobile or your land line phones

Believe me you are about to remember your phone numbers with out even looking in to your Phone book or diary

Next tip: follow these simple tips

We all have multiple bank accounts, so why not benefit out of that.

  1. Write the bank name and the account number, in case you have internet access write down the username and the passwords and the contact number of the phone by bank . Write it couple of times, or during lunch breaks or even after having sex
  2. repeat the same for 5 day
  3. follow the same for your other bank accounts
  4. follow the same for your credit cards and their Ipin, hpin and tpin numbers and the phone number mentioned on the credit card

The next time you talk to your bank. You already remember the phone number and the account details at your finger tips, you will save lot of time messing around to pick the papers and credit or debit cards to find out the information, when the representative is requesting you over the phone. Believe me, with in few seconds of the conversation she knows you are the one who belong to the account and your request are done right away, because you are confident in answering them and prompt, no searching…

Well in case of missing or theft, you know what number to call and how to block your credit and debit cards in a jiffy.

BTW, If you loose your mobile phone, you don’t have to worry, atleast about your contact list information.

One more hot tip: When you look at your friends car or motor bike, just note down his vehicle number and try to read it loud in your inner mind, couple of times. The next time you see your friends vehicle in a parking lot. You know for sure, your friend is around. Call him, who knows you may have get together and a loud party.

Summary: So what are the ways we learned to remember or increase our memory power

  1. reading it loud
  2. writing on a paper repeatedly
  3. reading it loud in your mind

sounds like we joined the kids to learn things their way.

Future of softwares

This is just my wildest imagination, sometimes I get cranky, may come true… Well I am not Nostradamus for Information technology either.

We currently see a change the way the internet is operating, sooner our internet speeds will be equivalent to that of our local area network (LAN’s),  Desktop  softwares will be obsolete,  the only illegal software on a pc can just be the OS.

Enterprise to soho applications will move to the web as services, late adopters will be forced to make their desktop applications free so that they can sync with the online service sooner or later.

Companies will run their applications on behalf of the customers on servers grids or even serial main frame computers.  Where applications gets legitimate and revenue would be pay per use.

PC also might get obsolete or it may take other forms like your house hold items like table to refrigerators getting smarter or even the Mobile phones turned to powerful features of a PC.

all this could happen between 10 to 15 years from now i.e 2015 -2020


Just happened to stumble upon justine’s blog, an ardent apple fan . Her video remarked to be either sarcastic or she really felt for Steve Jobs.

The whole world knows when you buy new Gadgets or Status icon products, they are meant to be bit pricey and as time passes by, old models have to give way for the new model products and the prices have to be slashed in order to keep the old one in the market to meet the manufacturing cost of the production.

I bought my Nokia N70 in India, when the product was just launched it was 25000 INR (USD 500 approx.) and 6 months down the lane it was 15000 INR (USD 300 approx.). Does it mean, we all send mails to Nokia.

What a crap, There are still Iphone users who believe that they have premium product or atleast an usable product.

Well I love Apple for the WOW/usability products, being an ardent fan of the PC for years, I do have second hand Ipod mini Apple did replace the batteries free of cost after 1 yr and would love to possess the Iphone when it hits the Indian market.

Steve I am not complaining, just get us the Iphone to India, even if you hike and reduce the price, there will Indians Apple fan who love your products.

One thing I would like to say “Steve you have crazy Apple fan, who makes crappy videos out of your name”

Justine: No hard feeling, If you felt the post is in appropriate, let me know. ( I am away for this weekend, no computers, no cellphones. Will respond soon.)

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Transparent Apple Laptops

If you are ardent fan of Apple, here is some thing  of your interest.

transparent Apple Laptop
transparent Apple Laptop
If you like to watch the video here is the link from metacafe. Been thinking how Apple alone makes innovative stuffs which keep bringing WOW’S. I believe it has got something to do with the Apple fans.

The buying power – support the new technologies or staying up to date on the hardware & the softwares

Take the same on the PC platform, at least 60-70% of them fail to upgrade.That doesn’t seem to happen with the Mac, the number of people using Mac’s are less than the PC, but for sure I have seen Mac lovers upgrade like hell with their hardwares.

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Warning – Nokia BL-5C batteries Overheating – replacement offer

Ow- almost 2 yrs later Nokia finally finds that there are few problems with the batteries which they shipped. Some batteries between Dec 2005 and Nov 2006 are the ones which may have problems, while charging few of them get overheated.

So here is how you find whether you Nokia Mobile Phone Nokia BL-5C batteries fall under the defected category.

Some of the well known models have been shipping with the BL-5C batteries

Nokia 1100, Nokia 1100c, Nokia 1101, Nokia 1108, Nokia 1110, Nokia 1112, Nokia 1255, Nokia 1315, Nokia 1600, Nokia 2112, Nokia 2118, Nokia 2255, Nokia 2272, Nokia 2275, Nokia 2300, Nokia 2300c, Nokia 2310, Nokia 2355, Nokia 2600, Nokia 2610, Nokia 2610b, Nokia 2626, Nokia 3100, Nokia 3105, Nokia 3120, Nokia 3125, Nokia 6030, Nokia 6085, Nokia 6086, Nokia 6108, Nokia 6175i, Nokia 6178i, Nokia 6230, Nokia 6230i, Nokia 6270, Nokia 6600, Nokia 6620, Nokia 6630, Nokia 6631, Nokia 6670, Nokia 6680, Nokia 6681, Nokia 6682, Nokia 6820, Nokia 6822, Nokia 7610, Nokia N70, Nokia N71, Nokia N72, Nokia N91, Nokia E50, Nokia E60

Switch off your Nokia Mobile device, open your cover which houses the battery, check the model no:

Nokia BL-5C batteryNext thing to do is to look for the serial number of the BL-5C battery

Nokia BL-5C batteryAfter which open this link offered by Nokia, type the battery identification number aka as the serial number stated above, and finally press the submit button.

Hope we will all have the battery get replaced.

Kindly Note: Please do not post your battery serial numbers as comments in this post kindly follow this link to post your serial number.

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Iphone now available

Apple iphone
Apple Iphone now available, Thousand of Gadget fans were at the Apple stores.
Well at India people have been eying the NEWS for the release of Iphone, some are ready to get the Gadgets from the US when their friends return or getting it themselves, but their only anciently/speculations over the Apple Iphone is about Unlocked version working properly in India.

I have looking forward to check this new gadget, just for the usability, coolness and WOW, but not sure when it will hit the Indian market.

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How to buy mobile Phones cheap?

buy Mobile phones cheap

If you are in Chennai, this info could be of little help to you. It may work for other cities too, because the mobile market competition is at the peak, that the store doesn’t want to loose a single referral customer.

So here is the trick. You need to do a ground work before you target a store to buy your mobile phone of your choice.

Ground work – check the prices of your favorite model of your mobile at some of the well known stores, If you are in chennai you can inquire at

  1. Saravana Stores
  2. Vasaavi
  3. Universal
  4. Mobile Store
  5. Nokia Priority dealers
  6. Sony Ericsson  dealer
  7. and some more small mobile stores.

Tip: Now do the bargain. All you need is to tell the salesman at the mobile store that the other mobile store is offering the mobile at the lowest rates in town. Believe me this tip works.

Kindly Note: Not all stores come down on the prices.

Some Stores which have multiple stores at different parts of the country may not be able to reduce the price as those who run the store locally, It is because of their billing system, they will not be able to change the price of the product. Stores which are owned by a single owner who runs the showroom will be able to take cuts on their profits.

Because the single showroom owner gets better or the best referrals.
Won’t you refer you friends saying that this store gives the mobile for lowest price.

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