FireFox + Performancing – amazing user Experience

Performancing has been in my firefox for a long time, but have been wondering whether the same would work with my wordpress. Well It does…

Productivity tool, You don't have to use wordpress editor any more to blog, open your favourite news channel or your site of interest read the above summary, start blogging about it.

Kick ass tool

Missing tool: Image upload to wordpress from local machine HDD

Browse Happy

browse happy

 How many of you have seen this site, This is one more site which tells you IE ( internet explorer ) is unsafe browser. This reminds me of the post on creating passionate users

I am trying to understand why people hate IE so much, is it that you hate billgates or is that product sucks. 

Just forgot one more thing try browsing wordpress with IE and you should find this link right at the bottom. Well WordPress sucks on IE, does that mean IE sucks. Well I beleive, the evil is in the coder and not in the product. 

RobertPenner AS Motion Tween find way in to Javascript

Been as a flash developer, I have been following up the AJAX world on what are new things which get developed in javascript. 

Currently Javascript also find a way of implementing timelines (interval based rather than timeline) Philippe Maegerman (ActionScript, ColdFusion Developer) , has currently developed a Javascript Motion tween class  here is the link to his blogs you can find the examples and the js codes for download. His inspiration/reference is from the flash AS library developed by Robert Penner on Motion Tween. 

Can't wait to lay hands on the Javascript Motion Tween.

One thing I quickly noticed on Blogpspot is the usage of working javascript examples, wonder why it doesn't work on WordPress, Or am I making any mistake during implementation of any post to activate javascript. If any one does know to implement one, Please let me know.

Tool for fellow Bloggers


Zookoda a new tool which helps to keep in touch with your readers, well if there are readers who want to get notified about the new post or rather an important notification, Zookoda Mailing list is the ultimate

I registered with them and made a mailing list and tried to have on the WordPress blog. It just started to show Javascript as text. Well I am unable to customize my blog as there is no freedom on

This post is intended for fellow bloggers who own a seperate domain and have their wordpress installed should be able to customize Zookoda Mailing list. I am not sure whether blogspot allow you to customize the blog template and add Javascript tags

So keep in touch with your readers right away…



No this is not about the Movie Sphere, this one is helpful for Bloggers.

Well assume that you want to blog about a hot product but you want to know what other bloggers have said you click on the Bookmarklet which you installed via the site and Voila is the results. Sounds more like technorati

Must need feature for – Zoho Writer

I am using Penfriend – ” Word prediction Software” to write this post I should say this is one of the best features I feel any word editior should possess”

A online form should have this word prediction software to help people fill the form. After hours of searching on the Internet I still haven’t found an online version of ” word prediction software”. Just google for the word prediction software and you will end up with a list. But the price of these software are not affordable by common man.

Here is pick which I choose ” penfriend ” I wish WordPress too Implements this feature.

Comprehensive list of 745+ Free WordPress 1.5 and 2.0 Themes / Templates available for download

Will some of these templates make it on, If you have your site and have wordpress installed, here is the list of templates available for download. You don't have to search for wordpress themes any more as the list get updated and keep growing everyday. Guys you rock