How to buy mobile Phones cheap?

If you are in Chennai, this info could be of little help to you. It may work for other cities too, because the mobile market competition is at the peak, that the store doesn’t want to loose a single referral customer. So here is the trick. You need to do a ground work before you… Continue reading How to buy mobile Phones cheap?

Develop Widget with Clicky – web analytics 2.0

I have tried few web analytics tools like google analytics, statcounter, good old WordPress stat, and finally clicky. Clicky dashboard gives me a complete feeling, almost like the dashboard was customized right for me, the right info at the finger tip. Finally interms of rating I would rate clicky the best. check their website for… Continue reading Develop Widget with Clicky – web analytics 2.0

Ban Crezendo Condom in India

Well sounds like I am completely insane, just by the title of the post. OK here is the story of vibrating ring Crezendo condom, which is product of HLL – Hindustan Latex Limited and this product has been there for the past 6 months. If you want to know what made people think that vibrating… Continue reading Ban Crezendo Condom in India

Mp3 Player for Bloggers

Do you want to have your own mp3 player on your blogs?I have created a small project using Adobe Flash, there are different files available, one with mp3 file embedded and other supports with external mp3 and both support streaming. If you are interested you can download the source files here.Currently there is no support… Continue reading Mp3 Player for Bloggers

New way to make your users read the content of your website

Run a Contest on your website, say you will provide them with some fancy gadget for the chosen one among the correctly answered. Send a mailer to your list of clients and ask them to refer more. Ask them some related questions? Provide a hint button and link to your website content. The hint button… Continue reading New way to make your users read the content of your website

Let the Game continue – NSFW

NSFW – Not safe for work.The content isn’t that vulgar, depends on your boss “it could be your wife too ;). “I would say the site should atleast score 5 stars for its execution. (hey sarathy uv are you listening, he is a budding director)  Good story boarding and ultimate use of technology (flash flv… Continue reading Let the Game continue – NSFW

What it takes to float a SMS based advertiser company?

We have mGinger coming the big way and after few days of waiting period, the entry of SMS2India, and now comes adMAD or I would say there are more services be made available with the help of a small gadget. Here is what it takes to make a SMS advertising company a SIM card from… Continue reading What it takes to float a SMS based advertiser company?