Create StoryBoard/ presentation with toonDoo or Fix8

What is ToonDoo? ToonDoo let you to create your own storyboard or presentation. Comic characters come to life with respect to your creativity. Well something like you don’t need a graphic artist or designer to create a cartoon character to tell the story of what you have in your mind. So What is Fix8? Well… Continue reading Create StoryBoard/ presentation with toonDoo or Fix8

Good bye mGinger, Welcome SMS2India

mGinger finds a new competitor – I am seriously excited about the way their business proposal runs. Referral signup – if you need a referral Signup id: More earnings, because of referral signup More specific categories of advertisement to choose – helps the advertiser as the customer chooses specified advertisement. (targeted customers) Better… Continue reading Good bye mGinger, Welcome SMS2India

mGinger – mobile SMS nuisance

Do you want to get paid for the SMS which you receive on your mobile? Here are the ad providers, who would send SMS on your mobile and you could eventually earn money for viewing and deleting the SMS. Currently the site says How much money can I make? Ads you receive per day X… Continue reading mGinger – mobile SMS nuisance

Red Swoosh – File sharing as diffrernt concept

I am quiet thrilled about this product as such amazing p2p file-sharing utility. Amazing conceptHow do you actually download files using a torrent, which we usually visit some torrent listing site, find the url and start downloading How about, you create your own list on your website and you and your friends start downloading a… Continue reading Red Swoosh – File sharing as diffrernt concept

Adobe releases Flash player 9

Adobe Flash Player Download Center File size: 1,324 K Download Time Estimate: 2 minutes @ 56K modem Version: 9,0,16,0 Browser: Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape, Opera, and CompuServe Date Posted: 6/27/2006 Language: English Did you find some thing missing on the browser listing- Internet Explorer -(IE) Not sure whether it intentional Technorati Tags: flash, flash player, flash… Continue reading Adobe releases Flash player 9

Tails – Effortless bugtracking.

Bugtracking applications have become hellishly complicated. So complicated, and so frustrating to use, that we set out to do the job ourselves. Introducing Tails. It’s light, attractive and has just what you need to keep track of issues in your software. Without the fluff. I have looking for bugtracking software for quiet sometime, and happened… Continue reading Tails – Effortless bugtracking.

Don’t Just Stop with Website for promotion

I remember yesterday evening I was saying the same thing to DevAnand, If Opmanager MSP needs to come to top in search engine you need more people to talk about Opmanager MSP in the blogs and you more potential customers on the website. Why Blog? why not just google ads? Website Keywords, description etc ?… Continue reading Don’t Just Stop with Website for promotion

Indian Wal*Mart – Certainly Low prices

Largest collection of Low cost home appliances under one roof is the theme for this store. Location: India, TamilNadu, chennai, TNagar, ( total of 7 stores available) P.S:This is not Wal*Mart but certainly this store in India is trying to achieve that. This is easy way of saying to international market that we too have… Continue reading Indian Wal*Mart – Certainly Low prices