How to choose a stable working software product?

My Product Manager was recently here at our Chennai, India office, currently he stays in the U.S He actually suggested this to our customers or who ever he met at the trade shows, (when customer do enquire about stability) on how to get a stable working software. Simple look at the build number for a… Continue reading How to choose a stable working software product?

Are we still Indians?

The question which raises in mind, because of two issues which I came across the “The Times” daily, seems to be better than “The Hindu”. Content is the King. Hogenakkal dispute – border for Tamilnadu and Karnataka IPL – Indian Premier League There is no dispute in this world which cannot be solved by just… Continue reading Are we still Indians?

Tested on animals – Mahindra Renault Logan

Event: Mahindra Renault Logan Drivathon Date: 25-12-2007 (Christmas Day) Venue: YMCA, Nanadhanam, Chennai Contact: S.Kumar Mobile:98409 47464 It is supposed to be fun rally organized by Mahindra Renault Logan to test the mileage of your Mahindra Renault Logan. Do you want to know who where the animals? and Who tested on them? and Who benefited… Continue reading Tested on animals – Mahindra Renault Logan

Passion down to the pyramid

Working is important, but with passion is even more important, because that is one which shows the right path to reach for your goal in life (career). successful product/service have passionate users and passionate contributors. What happens when the passion doesn’t drive down the pyramid?There is a solid example right on my blog. If you… Continue reading Passion down to the pyramid