Due Credits

Being a photographer I feel like a sucker at most times, when my friends to friend of friends download my photo and upload to their profile on Facebook and don’t pass on the due credits. It just happens all the time for a photographer alone. I have fought with a close friend right on Facebook… Continue reading Due Credits

What Chennai means to me as a Photographer?

This post is a part of an initiative by Chennai Bloggers’ Club; a Facebook community for like-minded bloggers. Around 30 odd bloggers are writing about, What Chennai Means to Them. This tag was before taken up by Jothi Vel Moorthi – http://jovemac.blogspot.in/ Who says “who never blogs :-)” fortunately he does blog occasionally like me.… Continue reading What Chennai means to me as a Photographer?

Why I love Facebook pages integration with profile

Remember my last post, I did say about Desktop software and SAS. Here is my personal experience with Facebook on what things went well, silently and I am happy about it. If you need to feel the similar experience, of course  you need have a profile on Facebook and one more page like the one… Continue reading Why I love Facebook pages integration with profile

check out the new facebook layout

I have been wondering why the url had subdomain called “new”http://www.new.facebook.com and it turned out that Facebook is trying out a new layout. A nice way to gain acceptance from users to try out old layout to new layout. If people still stick on the old design the designers at facebook know that their design… Continue reading check out the new facebook layout

FaceBook killer – Bravo Google Friend Connect

Seems like Google wants to embrace the non social networking sites to be part of social networking sites. If you thought Myspace, Ning and Facebook made a killing, Please welcome the new Kid on the Block – Google Friend Connect. Do check the introduction video for more elaborate answers. I see a lot of traffic… Continue reading FaceBook killer – Bravo Google Friend Connect

FaceBook – now getting spammed

I just received a notification on my Facebook, a friend of mine just wrote this on my Super Wall application. Attention all Facebook membeRs. Facebook is recently becoming very overpopulated, There have been many members complaining that Facebook is becoming very slow.Record shows that the reason is that there are too many non-active Facebook members… Continue reading FaceBook – now getting spammed