My 6 years of Independence “day” celebration from work


Yes in 2012 August 15th, I quit my job (okay a day before, chuckles) and was hoping that I would start something on my own, for 8 months just been thinking what should be my next  big thing. In between those days, out of sheer frustration even went and applied for couple of IT jobs – the truth is that, things didn’t go well with me.

Today, when I look back, 6 years just went by – just as when the going gets tough, the tough get going…

What this 6 years taught me or should I say “Life has taught me” is to value people, helping each other, and to grow together. I had my up and downs during these 6 years, but life choose to teach me a lesson.

I was sitting before a dumb box hardly had social life, this has changed now. Here is my priority or should I say how I value in my life, now

  1. Family – with out them, I am nothing
  2. Friends – with out them, I wouldn’t be alive. Happiness,  Devil’s advocacy, fights and all my inner strength and of course “tough lessons” too.
  3. Clients who have made me part of their family – with out them, I wouldn’t have survived.
  4. Clients – with out them, I wouldn’t have been able to feed my family. Some of them have taught me lessons on “patience”, “irony” and “to value my own life and my happiness, irrespective of  THE situations”
  5. Mentors – at different levels, I have the privilege that I made an awesome journey along with them. with out them, I would have been, still a searching soul, trying to understand what is the my purpose of my life and with out them I wouldn’t have stood tall when I fell down.

So if you ask me today, Am I successful in Life – Yes, I am successful, rich in togetherness  “family”, rich in friendship and also proud that I have understood the meaning of my life.

P.S: The meaning of “success” may vary from person to person – for some it would be hell a lot of money, again it doesn’t mean that I don’t need it, It means that I value it, but there are much more “Bigger” things I value in Life.

You are allowed to judge me, you can call me by many names and even term as a “LOOSER”. – One thing is clear and evident, I will not allow anyone to ruin my own happiness,  my health, my family, my friends and my clients.

May the “Lord” shower the grace upon you too.

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