You are sexy, you are different = Centre of attraction

It is late response from my side, still.
This is in response to few bloggers out there who supported or have been against this post


Let me start by saying, we as Men have a natural instinct to look at the opposite sex, that doesn’t actually mean that very look is equal to raping you in our tiny heads.

Just because of few rotten eggs, don’t brand the entire “MAN kind” to be rapists and we grope in public.

We as humans have 6 senses, Should I educate you, I am sure I don’t have to, you are mature enough to understand what you read and to even do a sensible writing.

I have few doubts in mind, hope women out there can help me clear it out

  1. Why do you wear a Bindi and a kajal?
  2. Why do you have to use a perfume/deodorant? Hopefully a majority of them use is my faith
  3. Why do few girls/women love to color their hair?
  4. Why do few girls/women love to wear a jean? you guys have a variety of dress in your wardrobe compared to men who can choose to wear a dhoti or pants or shirts, not big of variety you see.
  5. Why do few girls/women love to wear small skirts or short tops? Don’t get wild at me, my lovely girl friends
  6. Why do few girls/women choose to wear low-cut saris and low neck blouse?

You too have natural instincts, you are born to attract the opposite sex – Finally it boils down to sex and then the child, I know, I know – I am not going to discuss about that.

Be happy that what you are trying is actually getting better result, well I will not say it is certainly good for you but it does attract MEN.


Let me illustrate with an example

A herd of girls/women pass by in a public place, where men have out numbered women. Most Men choose to look at the most attractive women in that group, it could be just one or two or .. or all.  For those men, these women look attractive. Out of that most attractive women, she doesn’t have to dress inappropriate. She is a natural-born attractor of the opposite sex.

Like vice-versa Women do look at men, when he is attractive, don’t they.

A Joke, a forward mail

Son: Mom you are white, I am black, why?

Mom: I have been crazy while I was young, be happy that you don’t bark

The above joke is not to make women to be termed bad, bitchy. I am trying to say –  about the lifestyle the attitude, what they choose.

A girl good in her geography is weak in her history

– heard that long, long ago, while I was doing my college days. I believe that is one of the reasons why Indian men choose to have dull looking wife and a gorgeous girlfriend. May be, I still don’t know. Trying to figure out.

Half revealing is the most dangerous than revealing it full – you are sexy, you are different = centre on attraction.

I am not the best judge to say how you should dress in-appropriately – If you know the guys whom you hang around, but still you are vulnerable, just that you trust them while you hang around in close circles.  While in public, that is entirely a different scene. You are bound to see dogs, refer to the above joke.

A saying goes by “Your kid is not your kid, the moment he/she steps out of your home” meaning he/she is a common person. This line has to be read in between the lines. Hope you understand the statement.

For the writer who wrote that entire piece of an article – first hats off to that woman for her courage, but she didn’t get the fundamentals right.

Your statements are partly making the man kind guilty, and it is true. but don’t tell men not to use the sense “look” at women. The moment we use the sense called “Touch” we have crossed the limit. That is where you kid has to taught about respecting “Women”

Poor soul,  did want attention, she is lonely soul, ponder her love.

I too have women at home – Mother, Sisters, Wife and daughters. Teach them that quote about kid, so that they choose to do wisely and know that has reactions too.

Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future – source unknown.

Hope men will change, it is all with the parent how you bring up you child.

The next time you do show your assets, do know that I am not a saint.

I may choose to think any of these

  1. She can handle the situation, while in the case of my daughter or my friend’s daughter
  2. She want to attract the opposite sex. hmmmm….n hell no, no comments please
  3. poor soul needs attention, Ignore her, as I have already pondered love to my loved ones😛


Singles Advertisements at its best

After a very long time I am seeing some funny advertisement which provoked me to go and look at what the site is all about.

Three simple advertisements as follows

really cool ads from
This site never said a word about dating or singles, just the intension of an idea person.

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LSD vs Alcohol vs Tree = Hilarious

You thought this was hilarious, this is just the beginning.  Man, this guy has the wildest imagination and creativity, with just the 3 elements, it is simply superb. Hats of to stive

Well didn’t I provide you the link, OK here it is.

Time to think about the Girl child & career oriented Women

Women in command

[Credits: Mastronardi]

I don’t blame the women nor the girl child in the first place. I blame myself being part of this, and I think it is the right time to make some changes to help them out.

When was the last time you burned midnight oil to help your Mom or Wife, when they were having a normal fever?

  1. I love my mom very much, it is that I take her granted that I don’t heed to her advice, some times don’t even suggest to take care of her health.
  2. In my family any thing in terms of health goes wrong with men (my dad, me and my son). Women (My mom, My wife) seemed to worry a lot, and some times they don’t worry about their own health and burn midnight oil to help us out from running temperature.

About the girl child:
Looking at the number NEWS in India, that raising a girl child is often considered burden. Their main worry is Dowry system, which is slowly getting wiped out.

  1. Girl child getting aborted
  2. Girl child getting killed just after birth
  3. Girl child being in worst child labor
  4. Girl child being consider less superior in schools
  5. Girl child molestation in schools
  6. Girl child rape
  7. and what not

What are women for?
Don’t blame me for saying women are sex toys, women have a primary goal in life. To give birth to a child. The trait for women is women and not men, their physical appearance when compared to men make them weaker to abide to what men commands. Just because of a command, does the women have to abide by it, think it over, usually (mother/ sisters – in laws) plead or force them to obey the orders.

So what are men for?
Men have more responsibilities, taking care of their children and women, so lies lot of sub tasks as men are usually consider stronger when compared to women generally termed “weaker sex” it is in terms of physical appearance.

About Career Oriented woman:
As India is becoming the fastest growing nations in the world and there is good increase in the women entrepreneur in every field. Well that is good welcome. The sorry state is that women get married after mid 30’s, by worrying about their career. And some don’t even marry, well looking at the above problems they faced during their growing years, they become more matured in state of mind of not getting in to relation. Some feel when in need they get… Well that is true for women and not men.

What does that mean, if women get married late?
Scientifically proven that women have good fertility below or early 30 years of age.

What will happen when girl child numbers get reduced?
Inference: If we are not going to have girl child in the first place and don’t treat them with respect. They will have more options to command over men. Because as the number of women are less, and men being at large, What will be the state of men?

It is time for men to think and act wisely by striking the right balance of nature. Let women survive or shall face the inevitable truth of balance of nature.


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Johnson baby’s soap VS Mother’s skin

Johnson baby soap

What in the world has Baby’s soap got to do with Mother’s Skin or skin show off ads?

First thing first

My applause to the advertising company, for delivering an amazing television and hoarding advertisements on the same theme.

Now to get to the Johnson’s company delivering babies soap.  Why do they want the hot, sexy moms to use their soap.

For me Mother is considered sentimental, I can’t imagine anything any more. Anyways thanks for eye popping commercials.

Dove just said “Dove is not a soap, it contains 1/4 moisturizing cream and extra ingredients” Well I didn’t remember the exact words which they delivered on their advertisement long back.

I felt their positioning of the product was better.

New Billa, Yes a good mass entertainer

New Billa

Yesterday, I had been to the movie new Billa, featuring Ajith. The remake of Billa is worth, but still cannot match the old Billa featuring Rajinikanth.

Why the new Billa can’t match the old Billa?

  1. Obvious reason, No Rajinikanth
  2. Logic is missing. On the data being copied on a USB pen drive, how much time does it take for people to make multiple copies or maintaining copies of data online. And hero fighting just for the USB drive is meaning less.
  3. Introduction of new Billa look alike , sounds weird. As Prabhu searches the database of a Billa look alike. In old Billa, the introduction of look alike Billa was accidental.

Inspite of all the too much techie, the movie seems to a entertainer, 3 hours just turned in to minutes.

Exceptional sexy glamor role by Nayanthara aka Angelina Jolie of South India (kolliwood), It was more of Matrix and Tomb Raider roles for her. Ajith was just delivering punch dialogues.

Excellent entertainer, worth watching – “Techie Logic missing”.

Ban Crezendo Condom in India

Crezendo Condom
Well sounds like I am completely insane, just by the title of the post. OK here is the story of vibrating ring Crezendo condom, which is product of HLL – Hindustan Latex Limited and this product has been there for the past 6 months.

If you want to know what made people think that vibrating ring Crezendo condom is a sex toy, here is the info which is mentioned in sify shopping site

Crezendo condoms with vibrating Ring for ultimate pleasure — The pack has a vibrating ring and three premium condoms. With Crezendo Vibrating Ring you can take your lovemaking to places it hasn’t been before. Crezendo Vibrating ring is designed to take you for a 20 minute joyride through the realms of vibrating pleasure. It provides the ultimate stimulation for you and your partner. It is safe , reliable and comes with an instruction leaflet. It is truly your passport to “The Republic of Pleasure”

There has been protest in certain parts of Madhya Pradesh and all it started by few good men, that the product sounds like a sex toy, just because the ring acted as pleasure enhancer.

HLL says they are ready to withdraw from M.P if there is a written statement from the state Government.

My first look on the Vibrating Crezendo condom cover was not that sexy nor it portrayed women too vulgar, It was just right for condom. There are enough bad things happening in the country and all they could site is a population controlling instrument called – condom. There are enough reactions happening on Vibrating Crezendo condom and the whole is world watching us (India) trying to ban a condom.

What a shame?

BTW HLL is minting money now, the ROI for Crezendo Vibrating Ring condom marketing team would not have even dreamed about the recent success, and that is all ensured by our few good members of our society. Their job is ban colas, TV channels (AXN, FTV), and help ban online sites like orkut, blogger.

Sify shopping online NOW sited selling condoms because they have learned that there are currently no stocks available in M.P and there is huge demand for the product in that state.

I guess M.P will try to ban Sify in their state, just because it is selling them online.

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