Due Credits

Being a photographer I feel like a sucker at most times, when my friends to friend of friends download my photo and upload to their profile on Facebook and don’t pass on the due credits. It just happens all the time for a photographer alone. I have fought with a close friend right on Facebook… Continue reading Due Credits

Velankanni – extended trip no:1 – 2013

A larger view of photos can be found here This post is a continuation of  Chennai – Thanjavur Road trip No:1 – 2013 As I said we reached Karikal, had to meet a relative and from there we set out to Nagapattinam to reach Velankanni in the morning. Velankanni is a commercial place, yet the temple… Continue reading Velankanni – extended trip no:1 – 2013

The golden age – Old age

For many or almost any person who live, it is about living and passing on generations to come. I read a post of a young blogger Prerna ,I am quite amazed by her thought process. I am about to answer a portion of her question – old age. Once I was like her, liberated, lived… Continue reading The golden age – Old age


  Here is my take on forefathers ideas and questioning self why they did this? I am sure most of you know what this is?   but do you know what for?   was it to drive evil spirits – hell not. It was to drive lizards, files. The bright color made it look venomous and smell… Continue reading Dhrishti

Chennai – Thanjavur Road trip No:1 – 2013

         Photos are in random, you can have a larger view of the photos here  This is the first time I started later part of the day for a trip, usually I start by 5:00 AM just that I had to pick my in laws from Railway station and they too where joining our… Continue reading Chennai – Thanjavur Road trip No:1 – 2013