Have you heard the about the Word EE?

EE Emulate ( Simulate the application from scratch or with the know source code ) Enhance ( Add new Features, Enhance the existing one, tweak the code to work faster ) This holds good for products or service which are available in the market and most of them follow it. Why? Users love the existing… Continue reading Have you heard the about the Word EE?

What is Effective Communication?

My Wife just Sent me a mail, I am not sure about the author, it was aforward, really funny and tricky way to put things across tomanagers Jack and Max are walking from religious service. Jack wonders whether it would be all right to smoke while praying.Max replies, “Why don’t you ask the Priest?” So… Continue reading What is Effective Communication?

Russian Dolls & Ogilvy’s Law

Russian Dolls Originally uploaded by freshlysqueezed. This is a famous quote from David Ogilvy Ogilvy wrote that whenever someone was appointed to head an office of O&M, he would give the manager a Russian nesting doll. These dolls open in the middle to reveal a smaller doll, which opens in the middle to reveal a… Continue reading Russian Dolls & Ogilvy’s Law

KCFROG.NET – Aggregator like Popurls

One more aggregator on the competition to watch with popurls, The site is simple nothing amazing features, some times broken Images, I guess the development team needs to take care of that. My wishlist for the site would be to allow bloggers/readers to enter their favourite url which would be listed on the site. All… Continue reading KCFROG.NET – Aggregator like Popurls

Hot Wheels – Again

I am just wondering Which babe is about to ask for a lift from my 5 yr old son. I found this ad at adsoftheworld.comHotwheels exhibiting the man thing nice done ad by Art Director : Heeral Desai and Kunal Sawant Will shown you the toy cars he own, I hope my son doesn’t get… Continue reading Hot Wheels – Again

Gangof girls

Have you seen the huge hoarding one at the 100 feet road in chennai, Tamilnadu, India, I have been to tempted to view the girly website gang of girls, more virbant colors, huh just check it out The site seems to be promising trying to build a community for the girls in India, sunsilk is… Continue reading Gangof girls

CSS Hack for browsers using simple Javascipt

Have you been facing problems with css styling with different browsers I faced one with the div width with IE and firefox Here is a neat trick. /* save the below code as css_browser_selector.js */ /* var css_browser_selector = function() { var ua = navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase(); var h = document.getElementsByTagName(‘html’)[0]; var c = h.className; if(ua.indexOf(‘msie’) !=… Continue reading CSS Hack for browsers using simple Javascipt


I just started a groups for Ganapathy/Vinayaga on flickr.Ganapathy is the only God as far as I know who has taken numerous shapes and sizes and across many continents.Beleive me, he is the creativity at the best. if you have any photos to share, do make a post Technorati Tags: Ganapathy, Flickr, Vinayaga, Elephant face,… Continue reading Ganapathy

Lesson which I learnt one for the road

Past Week was an excellent week, where every thing went well, and all things at my work place was going excellent. unfortunately this week was a terrible experience. Things started to deteriorate, The reason which I sited was waking up late, I usually wake up at 5:30 AM and have few odd job at my… Continue reading Lesson which I learnt one for the road