Flash listener for IOS keyboard “done” – snippet

import flash.ui.Keyboard;

stage.addEventListener(KeyboardEvent.KEY_DOWN, KeyListener);

private function KeyListener(evt:KeyboardEvent):void
if(evt.keyCode == Keyboard.ENTER)
//evaluate done key code

Once you set the keyboard listener for stage, you can crack the “done” button for a textField input.
Hope this snippet helps.

Flash for IOS devices, Indeed a joke by Adobe.

I have worked on AS1,AS3 and using the Flash IDE for the past 9 years, and I love Flash for that rich internet experience. Recently after Steve jobs had banned flash on IOS devices, Adobe did want to give some help for flash developers. That is much appreciated, but there is huge gap on what the developers want and what Adobe is providing.

Why I now hate Adobe on Flash Programming for IOS devices?

  1. Not enough resources on the Adobe site which tells developers on what Flash is capable of doing on an IOS devices.
  2. There are enough resources you will find on the web on “Blitting for Flash”. Well you could speed up your game, but for what? if you don’t have an API for “Game Centre” or for the “Notifications”. That game is useless.
  3. Flash is not powerful enough to work along with iPhone internal resources like “Address Book”, “Camera-roll”, “Calendar”, “Camera”, “Mic” etc some hinderance or the other.

The expectations of developer and where Adobe failed

  1. You can’t think on a serious collaborative app because flash cannot offer “Notifications”
  2. You may have serious plan for a game and offer the same code across different platforms “Desktop – Air”, “web – flash”, “IOS- APP”, “Android – APP”. But will not have “Game centre”

I just wasted a month on researching on the web and trying hands on experience in creating few apps. Adobe might be working on optimization and even think about releasing API’s which work across platforms. But with no support for notifications is turn down for most developers.

flash as3 JPG Encoder – Caution

Looking from the image, the white area is the flash swf canvas aka “stage”, blue area aka “_graphics_container” is the movie clip contents which you want to export as jpg even if it is larger than the mask – the green area aka “_graphics_mask”

While trying to export the contents of a movie clip as jpg image, you are about to experience an undesired result when mask is applied.

A word of caution: Remove the mask before converting the movieclip as bitmapdata and export as jpg, the undesired effect is the white space.
The solution: work around, set the graphics container mask to null
_graphics_container.mask = null;//_graphics_mask

once the image is exported
navigateToURL(jpgURLRequest, “_blank”);
_graphics_container.mask = _graphics_mask
set the mask back again for the container.

Hope that helps
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FusionCharts Free – Open-source Animated Flash Charts and Graphs for ASP, PHP, ASP.NET, JSP, RoR and other web applications

FusionCharts Free

FusionCharts Free is a completely free and open-source Flash charting component. It empowers you to create animated and interactive Flash charts for your web applications, desktop applications and presentations.

Who can use FusionCharts Free?


No matter which script or database you are using, even if it is simple HTML, you can take care of all your basic charting needs with FusionCharts Free.


With animated charts in both 2D/3D and with complete control over almost every pixel of the chart, you can generate the ‘wow’ factor with FusionCharts Free.


Reports or executive dashboards, whatever you need, FusionCharts Free can sum up tons of data into compact yet absolutely stunning visuals for you.


Chart Gallery of FusionCharts Free

Online Demos of FusionCharts Free

Download FusionCharts Free


FusionCharts Free provides you the necessary chart types and features that cover all your basic charting needs. Some of the highlights are:

  • 22 popular charts like Column, Line, Pie, Bar, Area, Stacked, Candlestick and Funnel Chart, that look the same across all browsers
  • Animated and interactive charts that make your applications look “wow”
  • Works with PHP, ASP.NET, JSP, ColdFusion, Python, RoR, simple HTML pages or even PowerPoint Presentations
  • All the charts can pull data from any database and are AJAX enabled

If the chart types and features in FusionCharts Free satiate you, then you end up spending zilch for your charting requirements. But in case you need more chart types and advanced features in your charts, check out FusionCharts v3.

Why are we giving it out for free?

It’s very understandable to assume that a free product will have a catch somewhere. But with FusionCharts Free, none of those assumptions hold true. We have no catches, no tricks, not even a watermark.

Know More…

We are giving it out for free for one simple reason – so that you can relish the fluid beauty of flash charts. Lately, Flash charts have been spreading like forest fire on the web. A lot of big and small companies have been using Flash charts to deliver eye-catching and snazzy graphics out of boring data tables. At InfoSoft Global, we want you to be a part of this revolution.

And what better way to do it than using the leading flash charting product without having to pay anything?

Is there a difference between FusionCharts Free & FusionCharts v3 Evaluation?

Yes. FusionCharts Free and FusionCharts v3 Evaluation are vastly different products with entirely different licensing schemes.

Know More…

FusionCharts Free aims to fulfill your basic charting needs with a very commonly used set of charts, having the necessary but basic features. The product is completely free with no gimmicks and no hidden pitfalls. Its features however are a lot limited than FusionCharts v3.

FusionCharts v3, on the other hand, provides you advanced charting options like exporting chart as image/PDF, gradients, 3D lighting, better animation with an easy way for building your own animation styles, exporting chart data as CSV/XML, in-built debugger, enhanced AJAX support and advanced filter effects like shadow, blur and bevel which you can apply to the various chart elements. It also provides advanced chart types like true 3D charts, scroll charts, glass-effect column charts, dual Y-axis charts to name a few. FusionCharts v3 evaluation version allows you to try out all these advanced options and more.


Using Flash swf + Flash / JavaScript Integration Kit over HTTPS – IE issue fix

My product works over HTTPS and I had to serve a flash application, but there was one weird behavior in IE, the security Dialog box stated an Error

“This page contains both secure and non
secure items. Do you want to display the nonsecure items?” YES, NO

I was using Flash / JavaScript Integration Kit to embed my flash application as my application needed to communicate with Javascript variables.

I tried google to find some answers but was in vain. Finally started to look in to Flash / JavaScript Integration Kit js files to find the culprit. There was a hard coded URL in the js file “FlashTag.js”

flashTag += ‘codebase=”http://download.macromedia.com/pub/shockwave/cabs/flash/swflash.cab#version=’+this.version+'” ‘;

flashTag += ‘pluginspage=”http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer”>’;

All I had to do was replace http with https the problem got resolved

flashTag += ‘codebase=”https://download.macromedia.com/pub/shockwave/cabs/flash/swflash.cab#version=’+this.version+'” ‘;

flashTag += ‘pluginspage=”https://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer”>’;

You can even question me why should I use Flash / JavaScript Integration Kit in the first place when I have the “ExternalInterface” Class. If you are targeting flash player less than 8 version.

Thought this should be a useful to some one who got stuck up with the IE security error dialog box.

Happy flashing…

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