Bubble Msg with delay – Javascript

Annoyed with the bubble messages on mouse hover on a link. Why not add delay to the bubble msg. Prerequisite: your html body needs to have an empty <div> with a id defined for example: 1: <body> 2: <div id=”bubbles”></div> 3: </body> Here is the include for fxbubble.js in html page -> <head> tag. for… Continue reading Bubble Msg with delay – Javascript

Google and Yahoo product Integration by loc.alize.us

There are lot of software products which gets integrated with in the same company  or some add functionality  to the other, This product seems to be unique, the reason, it takes really pain to integrate 2 service based products from 2 different compaines  (google maps and Yahoo’s flickr) to provide a unique service. It is… Continue reading Google and Yahoo product Integration by loc.alize.us

The man I adore

Well at the age of 59 how many of us will be tweaking the codes or even writing codes. One great inspiration for people who are lazy like me, he is Stu Nicholls This gentleman has pioneered in css that he has developed numerous menus, layouts and most of which are browser independent. Well if… Continue reading The man I adore