Bubble Msg with delay – Javascript

Annoyed with the bubble messages on mouse hover on a link. Why not add delay to the bubble msg. Prerequisite: your html body needs to have an empty <div> with a id defined for example: 1: <body> 2: <div id=”bubbles”></div> 3: </body> Here is the include for fxbubble.js in html page -> <head> tag. for… Continue reading Bubble Msg with delay – Javascript

Array() VS Array()

What is the fundamental difference between the two arrays when dealt with the functions pointer2array() and duplicateArray()   1: var original_arr:Array = new Array() 2: var some_arr:Array = new Array(“one”,”two”,”three”) 3:   4: function pointer2array(){ 5: original_arr = some_arr 6: } 7: function duplicateArray(){ 8: for(var k:Number=0;k 9: original_arr.push(some_arr[k]); 10: } 11: } first using… Continue reading Array() VS Array()

Easy way to pop() your Array List

I have been working on Arrays in Flash and had to repopulate the array with the new set of values. I have been using array.pop() method to empty the list with a for loop, currently I found an easier way   1: var a_arr:Array = new Array(“one”,”two”,”three”); 2: var b_arr:Array = new Array(“one”,”two”,”three”); 3:  … Continue reading Easy way to pop() your Array List

Howto screenshot as 300DPI

The other day we were working for the NewYork trade show Artwork and we wanted to take a ManageEngine Opmanager screen snapshot and make a billboard.Task: What you see on the computer screen is 72 DPI where as on print what we need atleast a minimum of 100 DPI better one of 300 DPI Howto:Desire… Continue reading Howto screenshot as 300DPI

Howto -Printing Background colors : browser setup

We have been working on ManageEngine -> Opmanager -> MSP product and faced a situation on printing reports. Task Print graph: The task was to print to graph which had the border and color filled. we searched around IE and Firefox browser Firefox was little intelligent – they showed the option under File -> Page… Continue reading Howto -Printing Background colors : browser setup

Getting your to know your Flickr ID

I had trouble in find my flickr id, it is not the screen name, Flickr seems to have a different represenation if you want to find your ID here it is Click me to find out Why do you need to know about your flickr ID?If you want to popularise your photos you can use… Continue reading Getting your to know your Flickr ID

CSS Hack for browsers using simple Javascipt

Have you been facing problems with css styling with different browsers I faced one with the div width with IE and firefox Here is a neat trick. /* save the below code as css_browser_selector.js */ /* var css_browser_selector = function() { var ua = navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase(); var h = document.getElementsByTagName(‘html’)[0]; var c = h.className; if(ua.indexOf(‘msie’) !=… Continue reading CSS Hack for browsers using simple Javascipt

Style of Blogging

Two ways of expressing your views Direct – not that great, not interesting sometimes Indirect – divert the user, relate with something common/interesting If you look at my previous post "Buggy Code is Like Girlfriend or Wife" I tried the indirect method, I got inspiried from the picture of the post "Can marketing be honest… Continue reading Style of Blogging

RobertPenner AS Motion Tween find way in to Javascript

Been as a flash developer, I have been following up the AJAX world on what are new things which get developed in javascript.  Currently Javascript also find a way of implementing timelines (interval based rather than timeline) Philippe Maegerman (ActionScript, ColdFusion Developer) , has currently developed a Javascript Motion tween class  here is the link… Continue reading RobertPenner AS Motion Tween find way in to Javascript