Array() VS Array()

What is the fundamental difference between the two arrays when dealt with the functions pointer2array() and duplicateArray()   1: var original_arr:Array = new Array() 2: var some_arr:Array = new Array(“one”,”two”,”three”) 3:   4: function pointer2array(){ 5: original_arr = some_arr 6: } 7: function duplicateArray(){ 8: for(var k:Number=0;k 9: original_arr.push(some_arr[k]); 10: } 11: } first using… Continue reading Array() VS Array()

Flash 8 Context Menu Bug – no work around

Flash 8 has an excellent example of creating a context Menu, but the issue I faced was when I used actionscript to dynamically attached clips on stage and on right click I want to activate the Context Menu. It seems like there is Bug with context menu in flash 8 player, one example from a user I found… Continue reading Flash 8 Context Menu Bug – no work around

Easy way to pop() your Array List

I have been working on Arrays in Flash and had to repopulate the array with the new set of values. I have been using array.pop() method to empty the list with a for loop, currently I found an easier way   1: var a_arr:Array = new Array(“one”,”two”,”three”); 2: var b_arr:Array = new Array(“one”,”two”,”three”); 3:  … Continue reading Easy way to pop() your Array List