You are sexy, you are different = Centre of attraction

It is late response from my side, still.
This is in response to few bloggers out there who supported or have been against this post


Let me start by saying, we as Men have a natural instinct to look at the opposite sex, that doesn’t actually mean that very look is equal to raping you in our tiny heads.

Just because of few rotten eggs, don’t brand the entire “MAN kind” to be rapists and we grope in public.

We as humans have 6 senses, Should I educate you, I am sure I don’t have to, you are mature enough to understand what you read and to even do a sensible writing.

I have few doubts in mind, hope women out there can help me clear it out

  1. Why do you wear a Bindi and a kajal?
  2. Why do you have to use a perfume/deodorant? Hopefully a majority of them use is my faith
  3. Why do few girls/women love to color their hair?
  4. Why do few girls/women love to wear a jean? you guys have a variety of dress in your wardrobe compared to men who can choose to wear a dhoti or pants or shirts, not big of variety you see.
  5. Why do few girls/women love to wear small skirts or short tops? Don’t get wild at me, my lovely girl friends
  6. Why do few girls/women choose to wear low-cut saris and low neck blouse?

You too have natural instincts, you are born to attract the opposite sex – Finally it boils down to sex and then the child, I know, I know – I am not going to discuss about that.

Be happy that what you are trying is actually getting better result, well I will not say it is certainly good for you but it does attract MEN.


Let me illustrate with an example

A herd of girls/women pass by in a public place, where men have out numbered women. Most Men choose to look at the most attractive women in that group, it could be just one or two or .. or all.  For those men, these women look attractive. Out of that most attractive women, she doesn’t have to dress inappropriate. She is a natural-born attractor of the opposite sex.

Like vice-versa Women do look at men, when he is attractive, don’t they.

A Joke, a forward mail

Son: Mom you are white, I am black, why?

Mom: I have been crazy while I was young, be happy that you don’t bark

The above joke is not to make women to be termed bad, bitchy. I am trying to say –  about the lifestyle the attitude, what they choose.

A girl good in her geography is weak in her history

– heard that long, long ago, while I was doing my college days. I believe that is one of the reasons why Indian men choose to have dull looking wife and a gorgeous girlfriend. May be, I still don’t know. Trying to figure out.

Half revealing is the most dangerous than revealing it full – you are sexy, you are different = centre on attraction.

I am not the best judge to say how you should dress in-appropriately – If you know the guys whom you hang around, but still you are vulnerable, just that you trust them while you hang around in close circles.  While in public, that is entirely a different scene. You are bound to see dogs, refer to the above joke.

A saying goes by “Your kid is not your kid, the moment he/she steps out of your home” meaning he/she is a common person. This line has to be read in between the lines. Hope you understand the statement.

For the writer who wrote that entire piece of an article – first hats off to that woman for her courage, but she didn’t get the fundamentals right.

Your statements are partly making the man kind guilty, and it is true. but don’t tell men not to use the sense “look” at women. The moment we use the sense called “Touch” we have crossed the limit. That is where you kid has to taught about respecting “Women”

Poor soul,  did want attention, she is lonely soul, ponder her love.

I too have women at home – Mother, Sisters, Wife and daughters. Teach them that quote about kid, so that they choose to do wisely and know that has reactions too.

Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future – source unknown.

Hope men will change, it is all with the parent how you bring up you child.

The next time you do show your assets, do know that I am not a saint.

I may choose to think any of these

  1. She can handle the situation, while in the case of my daughter or my friend’s daughter
  2. She want to attract the opposite sex. hmmmm….n hell no, no comments please
  3. poor soul needs attention, Ignore her, as I have already pondered love to my loved ones😛


Bloggers, own your domain


  1. It happened that a post on a facebook CBC group that A blog has plagiarized our member blog post.
  2. Apart from that, I learned from and CBCian “Sylvian” that Google can also own your content and if needed they could use them for their own purpose if needed, that is what policy says.
  3. For what you write, blogger or wordpress or any subdomain owners contribution improves ranking for the domain i.e or etc

Here is what I learned, once I moved to my domain. What ever I write or the media belongs to me, all rights reserved.

Who should move to their own domain?

If you are casual blogger, occasional post and probably feel you would not make a dent in the universe, then it is a big no.
People who are trying to creating their own branding in any genre, name it fashion, photography, tech blogger etc, should plan to move.

How can you avoid plagiarism?

If you use wordpress CMS, there is a plugin available “Yoast WordPress SEO” under RSS feeds you could customize your URL, so what happens, if bots copy your content, still it points to your own domain and not his. I am sure, your design company could also write a custom plugin to solve this problem.

RSS feed

Click on the image to have a larger view.

So who is the content owner now?

It is you

What about your ranking for your work?

If you can write for a subdomain owner, why not for you and create own branding image.

End of crib

It is been a long time since I wrote a blog post, The reason being that I have been trying to find some inner peace. At least to change myself rather than the outside world.

Some of my posts would have been just rants, raging about the quality of service which I expected. Things have changed now with the bad economics

I happened to read a few lines of Andrew Matthews, “Happiness in a nutshell” it is an eye opener.

One such lines are these which made me think

“Your mission in life is not to change the world.
Your mission is to change yourself.
There are no “outside” solutions
only “inside” solutions

So is the change in myself. End of crib, could be my last blog post.

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Making of an unproductive Indian

These days I have been traveling by local train, the MRTS in chennai, While I was returning home the other day, it was 7:30 PM. I saw a juvenile girl singing some weird language song, While her younger brother been collecting money in the compartment where my friend and myself being present. I was so pissed of with this activity of sending this girl to do the beggar job. I started scolding their parents and was telling my friend. So my friend asked me on an average day how much money will they be making. My friend has been traveling for years, I just started accompanying him for the last few months.

Can any one guess? The train had 9 compartments running time 45 Minutes. And frequency of this train on an average would be 10-15 Minutes during peak hours.

So I replied my friend saying a 100 Rupees a day. He just laughed at me and explained that they would have already obtained 100 or more Rupees on this trip alone. He went on explaining that an average Indian would give a 1 Rupee to these beggars. The regular travelers know these beggars. So they don’t give them money. It is floating population which falls for these people. Take a single compartment at least 10 to 15 people flick a one Rupee coin and by that 9 compartment of this train they make an average of over 100 Rupees. Imagine if they make around 8 or more trips a day.

I said to my friend, that I was not making that much money being a software professional after all the bloody useless taxes which I have been paying for the Indian Government.

He went on and said, that he had no clues on what happens to that money. But he said, that is one reason we see the parents encouraging their children to beg for money. So for generation they are in the Beggar Business. So now you known why Indians are being considered as Beggars by foreign nationals.

So what is the solution for an unproductive Indian?
While the middle class has been loaded with more and more taxes and the top class has been evading from tax and while the poor has no idea about What taxes were meant to be.

One possible thing which stuck my mind was that these beggars have to be in prison and asked to work on different trades, some thing like the co-operative societies do and be paid really less. It is some thing like saying if you beg you will make 10 Rupees a day. While you work outside you could earn more, So the choice is theirs. Well some one could make Indian roads to every place clean.

Next time you see any one begging on public places please don’t serve that Rupee you are in the process of making an unproductive Indian. Think twice please.

If you have any more ways to make them work do comment.

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Kung Fu Panda – A lesson for teachers

Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu Panda

I had written a post long back A perfect Teacher, until recently I watched the movie Kung Fu Panda, my whole perception changed about teaching.
Lesson 1: What ever happens is not a mistake

Lesson 2: Believe in the person you want to teach

Lesson 3: Identify, what the candidate is interested on, find a new method and teach

Finally Lesson 4: There is no special ingredient.

The final lesson about the special ingredient is the most important one.

Imagine you are on the 100 meters dash, competing with a world record athlete , what is the difference or the distance between you and professional athlete while winning the race.

It can’t be 100 meters for sure, the difference is nothing but impact of lesson 3, and lesson 2

Lesson 3 is nothing but practice, dedication on what you want to achieve.

Practice makes a man perfect, that involves failures. Those are the stepping stone to success.

Lesson 2 is Believe in yourself first, and never give up, even when the whole world is totally against you. When you start believing in your self first, rest of the world will start believing in you.

No one can inject knowledge, Unless you wish to acquire them.

Lesson 1 may seemed incidental, but not true. Unless you wanted things to happen the way expected.

No one can stop your growth, unless you wanted to.

Singles Advertisements at its best

After a very long time I am seeing some funny advertisement which provoked me to go and look at what the site is all about.

Three simple advertisements as follows

really cool ads from
This site never said a word about dating or singles, just the intension of an idea person.

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Are we still Indians?

The question which raises in mind, because of two issues which I came across the “The Times” daily, seems to be better than “The Hindu”. Content is the King.

  1. Hogenakkal dispute – border for Tamilnadu and Karnataka
  2. IPL – Indian Premier League

There is no dispute in this world which cannot be solved by just talking
All it takes is members from both sides to talk about their issues and come to a conclusion for the wellness of the society.

This is not the first time in the NEWS about Hogenakkal, Tamil people residing in Karnataka have under gone the troubles, Vandalism to Tamil people’s property is outrageous, with cops being on their side and the political system adding fuel to the fire.

Whom are we fighting against?
Aren’t we brothers and sisters, fighting is good for good relations. We have seen them with siblings. But destroying your own brother’s/sister’s property is not tolerable. Parents have only one thing in mind, their children well being. So what is the political parties behaving as parents do?

So coming to the IPL – Dravid remarked that after hitting a four in his own country, India, there were no cheers from the crowd. What a shame being brothers and sisters. Well about Sreesanth and Harbajan Singh I would say that happens in Cricket, I have got the beating from my friends and some times have given blows to my close pals, players have the right spirit – sportive ones.

I feel Political systems in India have turned us in to enemies in terms of borders,landmarks, divisions,caste, creed for their own benefit of making money and remaining in power.

What can make politicians run for their lives or at least change them to do some thing good for people of India?
People refraining to VOTE

The current political motives is exposing to the outside world about our own unity. There needs to be significant change in the way we think about being Indian. Were is all the taxpayers money getting into. Just wishing if some money put to educate people to unite.

Mera Bharat Mahan

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Time to think about the Girl child & career oriented Women

Women in command

[Credits: Mastronardi]

I don’t blame the women nor the girl child in the first place. I blame myself being part of this, and I think it is the right time to make some changes to help them out.

When was the last time you burned midnight oil to help your Mom or Wife, when they were having a normal fever?

  1. I love my mom very much, it is that I take her granted that I don’t heed to her advice, some times don’t even suggest to take care of her health.
  2. In my family any thing in terms of health goes wrong with men (my dad, me and my son). Women (My mom, My wife) seemed to worry a lot, and some times they don’t worry about their own health and burn midnight oil to help us out from running temperature.

About the girl child:
Looking at the number NEWS in India, that raising a girl child is often considered burden. Their main worry is Dowry system, which is slowly getting wiped out.

  1. Girl child getting aborted
  2. Girl child getting killed just after birth
  3. Girl child being in worst child labor
  4. Girl child being consider less superior in schools
  5. Girl child molestation in schools
  6. Girl child rape
  7. and what not

What are women for?
Don’t blame me for saying women are sex toys, women have a primary goal in life. To give birth to a child. The trait for women is women and not men, their physical appearance when compared to men make them weaker to abide to what men commands. Just because of a command, does the women have to abide by it, think it over, usually (mother/ sisters – in laws) plead or force them to obey the orders.

So what are men for?
Men have more responsibilities, taking care of their children and women, so lies lot of sub tasks as men are usually consider stronger when compared to women generally termed “weaker sex” it is in terms of physical appearance.

About Career Oriented woman:
As India is becoming the fastest growing nations in the world and there is good increase in the women entrepreneur in every field. Well that is good welcome. The sorry state is that women get married after mid 30’s, by worrying about their career. And some don’t even marry, well looking at the above problems they faced during their growing years, they become more matured in state of mind of not getting in to relation. Some feel when in need they get… Well that is true for women and not men.

What does that mean, if women get married late?
Scientifically proven that women have good fertility below or early 30 years of age.

What will happen when girl child numbers get reduced?
Inference: If we are not going to have girl child in the first place and don’t treat them with respect. They will have more options to command over men. Because as the number of women are less, and men being at large, What will be the state of men?

It is time for men to think and act wisely by striking the right balance of nature. Let women survive or shall face the inevitable truth of balance of nature.


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Easy ways to increase your Memory Power & getting productive

Here is one simple question?

How many of you can remember your close or dearest friend’s Phone number?
If you did, Can you remember one more of your close pal’s Phone number.

The best part is most of us are used to high tech gadgets like the cell Phones or the PDA or the iphone (very usable one)

Just to point out when you had your land line Phones (when no mobile Phones were around), how many of you were able to remember your friends Phone number.

I remember my school days where I had everyones phone number on my finger tips. Why did we remember them, because the land line phones which existed long ago didn’t have memory to store all of the contact list.

We forgot to exercise our brains, when we got used to the high tech gadgets.

Now here is the simple tip to exercise your brains, or an easy way to increase your memory power. Just follow few steps

  1. Jot down all the contact information from your mobile phones to phone book or your diary.
  2. Erase all your contact list information from your mobile phones
  3. Every time you make a call, read the numbers loud and dial them on your mobile or your land line phones

Believe me you are about to remember your phone numbers with out even looking in to your Phone book or diary

Next tip: follow these simple tips

We all have multiple bank accounts, so why not benefit out of that.

  1. Write the bank name and the account number, in case you have internet access write down the username and the passwords and the contact number of the phone by bank . Write it couple of times, or during lunch breaks or even after having sex
  2. repeat the same for 5 day
  3. follow the same for your other bank accounts
  4. follow the same for your credit cards and their Ipin, hpin and tpin numbers and the phone number mentioned on the credit card

The next time you talk to your bank. You already remember the phone number and the account details at your finger tips, you will save lot of time messing around to pick the papers and credit or debit cards to find out the information, when the representative is requesting you over the phone. Believe me, with in few seconds of the conversation she knows you are the one who belong to the account and your request are done right away, because you are confident in answering them and prompt, no searching…

Well in case of missing or theft, you know what number to call and how to block your credit and debit cards in a jiffy.

BTW, If you loose your mobile phone, you don’t have to worry, atleast about your contact list information.

One more hot tip: When you look at your friends car or motor bike, just note down his vehicle number and try to read it loud in your inner mind, couple of times. The next time you see your friends vehicle in a parking lot. You know for sure, your friend is around. Call him, who knows you may have get together and a loud party.

Summary: So what are the ways we learned to remember or increase our memory power

  1. reading it loud
  2. writing on a paper repeatedly
  3. reading it loud in your mind

sounds like we joined the kids to learn things their way.