Sporty new look for New Year

Most people who wear spectacles have an urge or pinning  to wear shades, so came the transition lens which adapt to sun rays and give a cooling effect to your eyes. But the transition lens didn’t look like a professional cooling glass, So I wanted to try this new product, sound promising except for the reflections which… Continue reading Sporty new look for New Year

2015 was Awesome, still taught me lessons

It has been a long time I made a post, for those who have forgotten about me and what I have been doing all these years. I am STILL a passionate candid wedding photographer after quitting my IT job 4 years back. So the title looks good, what could have gone wrong?   We are… Continue reading 2015 was Awesome, still taught me lessons

The golden age – Old age

For many or almost any person who live, it is about living and passing on generations to come. I read a post of a young blogger Prerna ,I am quite amazed by her thought process. I am about to answer a portion of her question – old age. Once I was like her, liberated, lived… Continue reading The golden age – Old age

The Art & Science of Seductive Interactions

Why only few interactions are successful? It is not just usability, there are few more things beyond to make users to stick on with your product or service.

Thopukaranam – Increase you memory power

I remember when I was young, my mother use to punish me for not finishing of with my homework, it is same squat which was considered as offerings to lord Ganesa in the Hindu religion. Seems like there is link between memory and the thopukaranam – more of a blessing in disguise

What if KingFisher, Indian Railways? – offer price cuts & haircuts

What if personal grooming become part of air travel? It is just a wild thought, why should some one have to waste a minimum of 1/2 ~ 6 hrs of quality time? If Airlines could think of premium services like facial massage, hair cut and what not. There could even think of providing a spa,… Continue reading What if KingFisher, Indian Railways? – offer price cuts & haircuts

College Students, Bee a smart Lender – use LendBee

Photo Courtesy: Rosie Hardy Imagine countless books for reference on top of your semester books, Carrying them, taking care of them is a much pain. Here is a cool solution which will make you feel better Lendbee is a system which allows you to share books, CD, DVD, Movies, Magazines, Ebooks and those online manuals… Continue reading College Students, Bee a smart Lender – use LendBee