Just wish to follow these rules for 2019

Om - Just wish to follow these rules for 2019

2018 has been a year of making enough mistakes, and learning from them, and of course having been mentored by mentors have made me stay calm and centric to the values of my remaining 2018.

This post is a note for myself, if you did benefit from these, I will be the most happiest person. Appreciate you, for spreading the word around.

So what are these rules which I would like to follow

#1 Rule: Why not me? why others over me?
This is not the question which I need to ask for sure to start with, but gives a sense of “who I am” and “why not me”. Why do people seek others for their jobs/projects over me, in spite of me being competent, willingness to work, having the right attitude for service.
CERTAINLY I know the answer – Irrespective of work, what it remains to be the same for any one and how it has been executed.  I THINK that, I am good at it, which my current belief system is that I am not good at it yet.  But there are others who are better at presenting themselves better than me.

BELIEVE IN SELF, self worthiness and work on weakness.

#2 Rule: Either be too good to be known as the BEST or be bad, hatred for good but never stay mediocre
Being mediocre has problems on its own, no criticism, no appreciation – mundane life happens, hardly there is room for improvement.
Say what is on your mind, say it. Learn to say NO. It may keep you away from work forever from those chosen one. But there will be less anxiety, ZERO frustration, you can better focus on the next projects or even spend time watching movies or have a good walk or have quality family time or have great time drinking beer with friends.

Don’t let someone take away your happiness

#3 Rule: Don’t give advice or seek advice – at least for 2019
Enough is enough, having learnt from mentors, the question remains have I put the learnings to use.
Refrain from social media posting: liking, commenting and even judging others by thoughts. Those who need help will knock your door and seek advice, it holds good for children and even your spouse. You have your life, let them choose what they want to be. This doesn’t mean that what you see something wrong, you have to, wilfully remain silent. Just suggest, Give them their freedom to what to become next.

The next time you see someone suffering or even making a mistake – remember to refrain from judging them, nor giving them advice or even suggestions. The learning is for them, not you.

Don’t try to change the world – bring the Change in you
Please Mind your own business.

#4 Rule: Value TIME – it has to work both ways
In the business world TIME is Money, so if have an appointment, running  late, please tell the participant ahead of time, so that, they can plan their time well.  Which I do this very well now.
If someone else commits to an appointment, speak to them ahead of time, whether they can make it to the venue on time, If they don’t, please move on, don’t  wait.

Refrain working with people who don’t respect your time and effort. It means, You are not their priority, so don’t have them in mind. If they come back to you, Please Work on your own terms and conditions. It is okay to lose a client.

There are no perfect MEN & WOMEN and neither perfect friends, In friendship, it is more to give than take,  there is always an exception for TIME. Do remember, if it often happens it means that you are not their priorities in their lives. “Know this”

#5 Rule: Philanthropy for creative minds – Collaborate 
Work for like-minded people, those who admire your work, appreciate your creative mind and your time. There are clients, friends who take advantage of this situation, Refrain working with them. Learn to say NO to them.

Work with people who wants to grow along with you, this world is not yet cruel enough, it has abundance of everything you need.

#6 Rule: What goes around comes around – what ever it may be, good or bad – even in thoughts. What you think is what you become.
There are already unresolved problems in every ones life, mine too. So why put energy and thoughts judging others. Instead focus on what needs to be done in your life.
One step at a time, let it be snail pace, but remember to move every day.

  1. The large task
  2. Create sub tasks of the large task
  3. Time it to 15 mins or 30 minutes task aka execution

We think we have abundance of time, which we don’t and put our thoughts on unnecessary things. If we are engaged in work and by staying focussed, we will not find time for gossips or even a single bad thought. We just have to be engaged with work. So find work which you love.

#7 Rule: Meditate & Exercise & Eat what is utmost necessary – If time is money, Health is wealth, What you eat translates to energy
This is some thing most of us don’t find time or make it as a priority for our own life.
Meditate to 30-60 minutes, helps in remaining focussed to that 15 mins / 30 mins of execution of sub tasks.
Exercise 60 mins of walking, stretching daily. Worst case thrice in a week. Our body will remain useful unless you put to use, if not they weaken over time.
Most important of all is what we eat, you don’t need all the nutrients everyday, eat food in such a way it leaves you hungry. Hungry means more focussed.

The world is full of abundance, so seek on what you want – You may not get what you wished for, but will get what you DESERVE.

there are too many things attached to the word DESERVE, think over it.

Finally to me success would be

Spending quality time also while Travelling with family and friends – If I have achieved it, that is my peak of success

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