Flash Addiction Game – Paper Pilot

One of best reality games built on flash, This has been a game you would have probably played in your classrooms, playground or at your sweet home.

  1. Amazing physics and wonderful reality. (few things are still missing like wind direction etc but that is ok)
  2. May be you could teach you kid on how to fly paper planes?
  3. What would be the best angle for the paper plane to reach longer distance.
  4. best part is you could compete with your friends, send them mail invite and the scores should reflect.

Here is the link to the site

Any idea
folks about the degree at which a paper plane should cover long distance (still wondering what I learnt from school holds good)
Result is down below

Result:45 degrees
If you think, I am wrong do comment.

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12 thoughts on “Flash Addiction Game – Paper Pilot

  1. Hey Vinod, thats a cooool game
    and u r correct, its addicting 😉

    as for the BEST degree of throw, I believe it strongly depends on
    1. The type of plane
    2. The weight
    3. The elevators

    the three factors changes all the factors

    (I would revel my configuration) 😛
    I was able to reach 46.2 (and not at 45 degrees)

    Whats ur best score ??

  2. 45 degrees works for ballistics in a vacuum.
    Paper planes is aerodynamics.
    Nowhere near the same mechanics.

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  4. These kind of constructive online games can enhance their understanding knowledge and may learn better in … Because little ones are apt to have a love for hurtling, they can start with generating document planes and float …Paper Plane Game

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