Bloggers, own your domain

It happened that a post on a facebook CBC group that A blog has plagiarized our member blog post. Apart from that, I learned from and CBCian “Sylvian” that Google can also own your content and if needed they could use them for their own purpose if needed, that is what policy says. For what… Continue reading Bloggers, own your domain

Cuil may become tomorrow’s cool search engine

What is Cuil? It is the new search Engine for the web. Cuil to be sounded as cool. Who is bringing us the new Search Engine. guess who? Check the management page and that should lead you to old pals from Google top minds. My only thought is that, How could people at google search… Continue reading Cuil may become tomorrow’s cool search engine

mGinger Captcha Challenge, UserExperience

After a long time, I finally login to mGinger to find any thing interesting happening and wanted to know how much I had earned so far. There was an interesting promo to refer a friend, I did fell for the marketing stunt, so I choose the option as Orkut, because most friends at orkut don’t… Continue reading mGinger Captcha Challenge, UserExperience

FaceBook killer – Bravo Google Friend Connect

Seems like Google wants to embrace the non social networking sites to be part of social networking sites. If you thought Myspace, Ning and Facebook made a killing, Please welcome the new Kid on the Block – Google Friend Connect. Do check the introduction video for more elaborate answers. I see a lot of traffic… Continue reading FaceBook killer – Bravo Google Friend Connect

Are you searching for Wikileaks website?

You may be wondering what Wikileaks is all about and why wikileaks have become so important now. If you didn’t hear about the whistle blowers website taken offline, officially order by the US court. The news is from BBC website Here is the link to the live Wikileaks website. You must be wondering, Why I… Continue reading Are you searching for Wikileaks website?

This site may harm your computer

If you did search with google for keywords, google suggest for a potential threat from a site, WOW that is proactive search results. Google guys nice work, hats of to you guys. click on the above image for the search results, to find the key words. If you wanted to know what the link suggests… Continue reading This site may harm your computer

Firefox firebug can slowdown Gmail

I was quiet thrilled when Gmail showed me this error msg. Gmail detected the browser to be firefox and the firebug addon turned on. I use firebug extension when I make AJAX calls on my projects, it is turned on by default. In fact Gmail suggest what you can do to fix the problem, here… Continue reading Firefox firebug can slowdown Gmail

Google Soon to announce Open Social API

What does that mean to developers? Those who are yet to start on the sharing platform, the work is simplified. For developers who have already started, I see little bit of rework for all their apps if they want to use Google’s code. Here is the link to google open social API OpenSocial More news… Continue reading Google Soon to announce Open Social API