What spirituality means to me???

​That very feeling of feeling a breath in and breath out and staying alive

Don’t you think we are the wonders of this universe, not knowing, not understanding the purpose of our own lives. Until we feel “pain”,” failure” and so on.

When someone says they went all the way to Himalayas to find their inner self aka soul, I used to wonder that the real tough people are the ones who – ” I believe the one who achieve to find the inner self, living together with family, friends and people.” Do the biggest sacrifice.

Don’t you think so?

I shared my experience simple, I get food, clothes and love but how about an author who experienced and found his inner self out in Himalayas.
http://themonkkey.com – songs of the mist, author – Shashidhar Sharma
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Terracotta exhibition- bring the mud back

It is lively event kids and adults get to practice/enjoy the following

1) make diya type mud cups
2) kids get to color mud pots & vessels
3) make shapes out of mud
4) organic food
5) buy terracotta art materials
6) get a health consultation, yes heard it right
7) and a store next door to buy organic foods and other organic materials managed by Ms. Rekha

Hope you all visit tomorrow.

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End of the day – was a Life saved?

It is a story of my childhood friend who rocked the corporate world during his peak. Names of the characters have been changed to keep the privacy.

My friend Sabari had been in to automobile car sales industry with an amazing experience and had an opportunity to work for a well known reputed bank to generate car loans, he worked so hard that he would come home at 1 or 2 AM in the morning at home. He met customers at odd hours as they where busy with their own work. He gained the relavant experience and was making huge profits for the bank, the bank recognized his contribution.

Sabari was entering his office as usual, there was loud applause from his peers and super bosses. “Congrats Sabari” “, ” All the best on your post”. There where prying eyes, He was thinking what happened?

His Boss handed over him a letter – He was the new VP of this bank leading the entire South India, That was one of his cloud nine moment.

Days passed by, his team was generating the sales required, his presence was hardly needed, unless it was huge quote which mentioned in Crores of rupees as loan for his clients.

The best part of his career was that he treated his work as his business, it didn’t require his presence. Things where in place. He was the soul of his team and was proud that he fought for his team mates for their appraisals. He was the super hero for most of them, well almost GOD Father for many.


At this time, Sabari was so high, that he was thinking What could go wrong? we are super heroes. Does this line sound familiar.

That is when his father fell sick, he was admitted to hospital, his presence was needed.  It was a weird health problem that the drugs had to be imported in to the country, the drugs where costly. His medi claim did cover part of the expense, but was not sufficient enough.

You must heard when tough times comes all problems come one after the other

  1. It just happened that he lost his job during this absence in his office, Office politics. Well I am not getting in to that, it does make any sense to discuss and go off topic. In short – Prying eyes where waiting for an opportunity for his absence at office.
  2. He went and asked his friends who vowed him money, he was a savior for many during their tough times. Some of even made statements – “Lakshmi ye kasu illae nu sonna epadi”  – meaning  ” What if the Lord of money said there was no money?”

When the going get tough, the tough gets going.

What saved his father was his personal savings and his own mediclaim policy. His savings was in Mutual funds – SIP, personal Mediclaim apart from Company Mediclaim.

Hope many of you are aware the moment you are out of the company, the company mediclaim policy becomes void. It is best to have a personal mediclaim to take care of your family.

Remember all mediclaim companies have clauses which don’t settle all your bills, take little care of your investments so that during the rainy days it comes handy.

Well I am not the best in parting advice on investments, I can ask my friend who can help plan your investments. Interested let me know.

On a contrary note: Online mediclaim and policies are cheap when compared to people who came and sell the products, you don’t have to break your head calling up toll free numbers. Just call up your friend who sold you the policy, Remember I said friend. Make him your friend.

Intolerance for Beep…

I am not addressing about the Beep song😛, I guess, I have started to travel long distances and have developed an intolerance for people who beep a lot on their 2 wheeler vehicle.

Why do we need to “Sound horn” or rather my question should be when do you “Sound horn”?

Have you seen the Mercs, BMWs or their counter part vehicles doing a rash driving, they usually cruise. Why?

I find them rather sensible, Care and compassionate for lesser unfortunate  or rather have a belonging for the toy they own. It is costly for them to repair, rather fight for small things and bring damage to their own property.

My initial thought was that when Tata introduced the Nano cars, I believed that people would become sensible. I even thought 2 wheeler would slowly be replaced with 4 wheeler vehicles as time pass by. I was so so wrong. India is not a poor country, I didn’t make the mistake, let me iterate India is not a poor country. The thoughts of our Indian people is poor. Let me illustrate with a simple example

You hear the ambulance siren, your heart beats rapidly, you are searching for space for the ambulance to move ahead. Finally you find little space you “STOP the vehicle”, the ambulance passes by, There goes most urgent people just behind the ambulance.

Why is that we don’t care for our own people? Why is that our people unable to find ways for a person in the ambulance who needs at most care, few seconds could save a life. Why is that in India we are unable to come up with a solution, aren’t we brilliant people as the world around us praises.

I believe the Government is made up our own people, if I am right.

Of the people, By the people and for the people – that is what democracy and we are following it, RIGHT?

I have tried writing blog post long ago on how to find the solution for proving a way for ambulance, nothing new, look at our developing or developed neighboring countries.

I might have moved away from topic, actually not, I was just giving you the sense of our own people. We have stopped caring for our own people when the number is less. I meant just one single person in ambulance with the recent floods in Chennai, where Chennai did help its Chennai.

Why honk? When you can wait few seconds, It would not raise your Blood pressure levels and even your fellow Indian who is right in front of traffic.

Keep smiling while driving, it helps. I hardly beep, sorry “honk” or “sound horn”. I do honk when the driver just before me is speaking on his phone while driving😛


Getting cured in a day?


In today’s scenario we don’t find time, neither we want to be sick for more than a day. Well I don’t mind staying in bed and taking rest for few days for my body to recover.


It all happened during the month of January that I had to attend a marriage at my native place Thrissur, Kerala and I was driving down to my home town. I had fever the previous night, I had paracetamol 500 mg, I became tired, body ache to some extent but manageable.

I reached Thrissur, Kerala that evening I was running with high temperature my father in law took me to a well know reputed  hospital in Guruvayoor, They gave me two injection and  prescribed with Amoxycillin MPX- CV 625 and Pyrigesic (1000mg) Paracetamol. I became normal the next day morning, but I still had to continue the antibiotics Amoxycillin MPX- CV 625, I was advised by my uncle who was also a medical representative about the side effects of not continuing the antibiotics.


The problem with these doctors is that they forget to ask whether I am allergic or have common problems with high dosage medicines. I have a weak stomach, I was once diagnosed for irritable bowel syndrome. These heavy-duty medicines created lots of problems for the next coming days. I had to regulate my food by avoiding spicy foods.


My question is

Is getting cured in a day worth it?

My know limit for Amoxycillin was 250mg at the worst times 500mg, and for Paracetamol was 500mg.

2015 was Awesome, still taught me lessons

It has been a long time I made a post, for those who have forgotten about me and what I have been doing all these years.

I am STILL a passionate candid wedding photographer after quitting my IT job 4 years back. So the title looks good, what could have gone wrong?


We are super heroes, what could go wrong? That was that moment in November 2014, I was doing good in business or at least meeting my ends with no debts, no pressure, no EMI, no loan. So end of the day it was a happy family, I wanted to give him more room for my elder son who is in 9th Standard, literally. Yes it was a 2 bedroom apartment. I lived in a government quarters where space was never a problem until my dad got retired from his service and we had to hire a home for rent, btw these days where my school days. So I thought, I should also give my elder son the same comfort so that he can visualize and learn the big picture.


I moved in to a individual bungalow but was aged, I had not lived in an individual house in my life time, if not my dad, let me give that comfort to my son. Btw my dad did give me the best of things what he could offer or I would say way beyond his own limits, so there is no crib about it.

The rooms became big

The car had its own parking lot.

Private roof top

my working space also became big eventually.


Was happy for couple of months – well it was pudu pondati, but changes started to happen financially, I had no clue about what was happening?

If you asked me, I had better clients than 2014. But the numbers where less, still it was good, if not awesome.

So what was my lessons?

I had no prior experience on managing an individual house, I lived in an apartment all my life time. It was like all responsibilities was on my head, the home demanded too much attention and my time

Squirrels would commit suicide in my water tank

Crows would have their private time in my water tank and eventually die as they didn’t know how to get out.

Some old crows would die in my garden

and finally the rats had made it’s home. I mean literally, I tried so many ways, I was partly successful with the sticky mat. Well I had given up on them and made them part of my family now, because as days coming the family was becoming bigger and better.


Was the above my financial problem, nah but it took away lot of my time.

My two employees resigned, that is when I realized something went wrong. They wanted a hike which I couldn’t offer at that moment of time.

The lesson was my rent which was huge, which put a dent in my pocket. Almost like 13 months I have been paying rent, which was nothing when I was at the old place.

Live frugal, save money for 12 months as advance and do things which you dream. Till then – Frugal is the word.

Retain your employees, so that we can grow together

Book keeping – now I know how important this is, it is like google analytics for finance.

least of all – Mind your own business, move with like minded people, never waste your time on un-wanted resources.

Possession of Thirunangai

Have you ever wondered what would be the plight of a good looking girl or a women.

What if her mobile number was known to everyone in this world?  Phew, I am already sweating, thinking of what is happening for the past few weeks.

Recently had bought a yuphoria phone, and I got a new number from Airtel.

The day my number got activated. There was a strange ringing of phone which happened to be at 12am. Before I could pick the call got dropped and I had put my phone in silent mode.

The next day morning to my surprise, I had a large list of missed calls on mobile. I ignored them all, since I had not given my number to anyone. So knew for sure it was for someone else.

The same started repeating and that too late in the night. I got pissed off.

Later when I took help from truecaller I realised that the number was of a girl.
WhatsApp messages started to flow in.

I became so curious that I wanted to who was that so popular.

Yesterday was her Bday, wishes started to come in as sms messages from Facebook some from whatsapp.

One guy even sent a photo of the girl who had this number earlier with complete details.

Now I know why she had surrendered this number.

What was the lesson I learnt?
Before I get a new number, please check the number on trucaller😉

You are sexy, you are different = Centre of attraction

It is late response from my side, still.
This is in response to few bloggers out there who supported or have been against this post


Let me start by saying, we as Men have a natural instinct to look at the opposite sex, that doesn’t actually mean that very look is equal to raping you in our tiny heads.

Just because of few rotten eggs, don’t brand the entire “MAN kind” to be rapists and we grope in public.

We as humans have 6 senses, Should I educate you, I am sure I don’t have to, you are mature enough to understand what you read and to even do a sensible writing.

I have few doubts in mind, hope women out there can help me clear it out

  1. Why do you wear a Bindi and a kajal?
  2. Why do you have to use a perfume/deodorant? Hopefully a majority of them use is my faith
  3. Why do few girls/women love to color their hair?
  4. Why do few girls/women love to wear a jean? you guys have a variety of dress in your wardrobe compared to men who can choose to wear a dhoti or pants or shirts, not big of variety you see.
  5. Why do few girls/women love to wear small skirts or short tops? Don’t get wild at me, my lovely girl friends
  6. Why do few girls/women choose to wear low-cut saris and low neck blouse?

You too have natural instincts, you are born to attract the opposite sex – Finally it boils down to sex and then the child, I know, I know – I am not going to discuss about that.

Be happy that what you are trying is actually getting better result, well I will not say it is certainly good for you but it does attract MEN.


Let me illustrate with an example

A herd of girls/women pass by in a public place, where men have out numbered women. Most Men choose to look at the most attractive women in that group, it could be just one or two or .. or all.  For those men, these women look attractive. Out of that most attractive women, she doesn’t have to dress inappropriate. She is a natural-born attractor of the opposite sex.

Like vice-versa Women do look at men, when he is attractive, don’t they.

A Joke, a forward mail

Son: Mom you are white, I am black, why?

Mom: I have been crazy while I was young, be happy that you don’t bark

The above joke is not to make women to be termed bad, bitchy. I am trying to say –  about the lifestyle the attitude, what they choose.

A girl good in her geography is weak in her history

– heard that long, long ago, while I was doing my college days. I believe that is one of the reasons why Indian men choose to have dull looking wife and a gorgeous girlfriend. May be, I still don’t know. Trying to figure out.

Half revealing is the most dangerous than revealing it full – you are sexy, you are different = centre on attraction.

I am not the best judge to say how you should dress in-appropriately – If you know the guys whom you hang around, but still you are vulnerable, just that you trust them while you hang around in close circles.  While in public, that is entirely a different scene. You are bound to see dogs, refer to the above joke.

A saying goes by “Your kid is not your kid, the moment he/she steps out of your home” meaning he/she is a common person. This line has to be read in between the lines. Hope you understand the statement.

For the writer who wrote that entire piece of an article – first hats off to that woman for her courage, but she didn’t get the fundamentals right.

Your statements are partly making the man kind guilty, and it is true. but don’t tell men not to use the sense “look” at women. The moment we use the sense called “Touch” we have crossed the limit. That is where you kid has to taught about respecting “Women”

Poor soul,  did want attention, she is lonely soul, ponder her love.

I too have women at home – Mother, Sisters, Wife and daughters. Teach them that quote about kid, so that they choose to do wisely and know that has reactions too.

Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future – source unknown.

Hope men will change, it is all with the parent how you bring up you child.

The next time you do show your assets, do know that I am not a saint.

I may choose to think any of these

  1. She can handle the situation, while in the case of my daughter or my friend’s daughter
  2. She want to attract the opposite sex. hmmmm….n hell no, no comments please
  3. poor soul needs attention, Ignore her, as I have already pondered love to my loved ones😛


HDFC net banking - Google ad services

Shocking !!! HDFC Net banking – Google ad service & others

Seriously I have no idea why a HDFC banking site would need to connect Google Ad service,  and few more others.


click on the image for a larger view

forgive my ignorance, Why

  1. Does HDFC Bank needs to connect to Google ad service? is it for Money?
  2. Is ZEDO.com part of HDFC net Banking?
  3. What is services.cyota.co.uk ?

Just like other Banking sites in India, Why can’t they run their own advertising services on their own domain.

002003004005 006


P.S: The connection was reset in the area where the advertisements are placed on HDFC banking site. The other services I still clueless.



Once there was… in Chennai

222149_6116671575_1989_n 222309_6116666575_6287_n 222789_6116656575_1789_n 224174_6116736575_3105_n 224309_6116776575_6737_n 224319_6116676575_598_n 224339_6116796575_8563_n 224614_6116626575_890_n 225434_6116751575_7562_n 225774_6116731575_6443_n 226304_6116756575_959_n 226419_6116616575_102_n-1 226449_6116746575_8_n 226499_6117076575_8376_n 229074_6116701575_941_n 230229_6117086575_9300_n 230484_6116641575_5743_n


Once this was Chennai with full of advertisements all over, These photos are dated to September 2007.  Any where you turn around, half of the bricks where covered with Hoarding, So large building lost its ventilation.


It was a great pass time for people who travel by bus and being co-passengers in a vehicle. At the same time a huge distraction for the riders. I remember when my co-passengers would point at an advertisement and make huge statement, at times you could hardly notice.😥


The point is advertisement hoarding are back, limited, so far so good. Hope the Government has control on the advertising hoarding in Chennai.