Howto screenshot as 300DPI

The other day we were working for the NewYork trade show Artwork and we wanted to take a ManageEngine Opmanager screen snapshot and make a billboard.Task: What you see on the computer screen is 72 DPI where as on print what we need atleast a minimum of 100 DPI better one of 300 DPI Howto:Desire… Continue reading Howto screenshot as 300DPI

Embed Video Tutorials for WordPress

The latest advancement of WordPress to the public is the release of the Video Embed option in wordpress, if you would like to have the tutorials just go the new post and you should see the new video tabThanks Matt & team, When can we look forward for the Javascript usage on wordpress Technorati Tags:… Continue reading Embed Video Tutorials for WordPress

What can make application more successful?

After looking in to most of the online applications like delicious, flickr, wordpress, blogspot and much more, there is been something called control or what users want to have or show on their applications have shown to rule. It doesn’t stop with the community application like flickr, wordpress and other. It could be applied to… Continue reading What can make application more successful?