Using Flash swf + Flash / JavaScript Integration Kit over HTTPS – IE issue fix

My product works over HTTPS and I had to serve a flash application, but there was one weird behavior in IE, the security Dialog box stated an Error “This page contains both secure and non secure items. Do you want to display the nonsecure items?” YES, NO I was using Flash / JavaScript Integration Kit… Continue reading Using Flash swf + Flash / JavaScript Integration Kit over HTTPS – IE issue fix

Dreamweaver good bye, YAML Welcome

YAML is the the new way of designing web layouts. Adhering  to the Web standards Support of major browsers WYSIWYG options. When my title said Dreamweaver goodbye, I meant only for creating layouts, YAML compliments Adobe Dreaweaver. If you are a web designer or a web developer, kindly take a test drive on the YAML Builder.… Continue reading Dreamweaver good bye, YAML Welcome

Aren’t tools making us dumb

Yeah, It is about WYSIWYG editors or IDE for most application we create.Yes I accept these tools help Productivity which is the major concern. I just want to explain how Indian (asians) learning methodology differs from the American way of education and it has go to do with the tools which make us dumb If… Continue reading Aren’t tools making us dumb

Bubble Msg with delay – Javascript

Annoyed with the bubble messages on mouse hover on a link. Why not add delay to the bubble msg. Prerequisite: your html body needs to have an empty <div> with a id defined for example: 1: <body> 2: <div id=”bubbles”></div> 3: </body> Here is the include for fxbubble.js in html page -> <head> tag. for… Continue reading Bubble Msg with delay – Javascript