What it takes to win in Marketing?

You must have had this aptitude test questions asked by some marketing guys or hot sexy ladies during interviews or during a casual talks. “Suppose you are the conductor, and there are 2 tracks, on one track 5 kids are playing which is the usual path for the train the track 1 and on the… Continue reading What it takes to win in Marketing?


Just happened to stumble upon justine’s blog, an ardent apple fan . Her video remarked to be either sarcastic or she really felt for Steve Jobs. The whole world knows when you buy new Gadgets or Status icon products, they are meant to be bit pricey and as time passes by, old models have to… Continue reading LEAVE STEVE JOBS ALONE!

Simple way to shock & win her heart

Did you just have trouble with your girlfriend or WifeHere is a simple trick to give her a mild shock and just win her heart right away. Take her to restaurant which has mirrors, you need to build up a story. Here I had build my own story, here is the linkThe story is left… Continue reading Simple way to shock & win her heart