Go single by 40 – advertisement

Click for a larger view Nice concept, and Shabana Azmi actually delivers the punch for the Ad. As she is considered as the leading feminist, most men tend to look at the lines delivered on the hoarding addressing as better to “Go single after 40” & the other ad says “Life begins after 40” Note:… Continue reading Go single by 40 – advertisement

pregnancy and puking sensation

Why do woman puke during pregnancy? For my wife it is the 3rd month and she is been puking during the end of the day i.e towards the evening. I did some search on the internet to find the reason behind it, but in vain. One reason, which repeated in the search results was about… Continue reading pregnancy and puking sensation

Are you searching for Wikileaks website?

You may be wondering what Wikileaks is all about and why wikileaks have become so important now. If you didn’t hear about the whistle blowers website taken offline, officially order by the US court. The news is from BBC website Here is the link to the live Wikileaks website. You must be wondering, Why I… Continue reading Are you searching for Wikileaks website?