Sharing news articles make me happy…

recently you must have noticed, I started to share news articles from the Indian Express & DT Next newspaper. Wish I could buy more newspaper and spend time. May be I will. Here are few reasons, This is not to justify anyone, it is also a note to myself, so that I continue to do… Continue reading Sharing news articles make me happy…

What makes me Happy and ALIVE?

Friends are like fingers, each in different sizes, proportion and in might aka weight, big tummy :p, assets, power – wealth etc   What makes me happy is that I work hard in spite of this demonetisation, where my business is so f* up left right and centre.   After all this, on a weekend… Continue reading What makes me Happy and ALIVE?

Why not Chinna Amma as CM?

Every Tamizhan around the world has this question – What, is she the next Chief Minister of Tamilnadu? how could they let it to happen. How far do all us know Chinna Amma? 90+ %  of us would say no, it is all in the news, all we hear is negative things about her and her… Continue reading Why not Chinna Amma as CM?

Feet 1st then your head

It is all about taking a bath. Why would nature allow us to experience feet 1st to feel water? Looks like there is a scientific reason on why our feet should feel the water first, it has something to adaptation of our body with temperature. I have heard from my friend’s grand parent that this… Continue reading Feet 1st then your head