Who do you think will win in a city traffic ride, bicycle or bike

Track & Trail

Yesterday was a different experience for me, After my son had bought a geared bicycle from track & trail, I wanted to try a long drive.

It has been a long time since I have tried long distance over bicycle, as I had all the time, I decided to deliver a video file to my customer who was at Ranga Road, Mylapore.  At the same time, I had to meet my advisor, a well wisher who helped in completing my TV Advertisement who was nearby Cafe Coffee, Dr Nair Road, T Nagar.

I started at 3:00PM from Villivakkam to T Nagar and reached the destination by 3:55PM, It was an interesting ride as I reached the Anna Arch, I had a choice to climb the over head bridge or to take a smaller less unknown road to reach Loyola subway. To climb over the bridge was a heavy exercise with my bicycle,  I wanted to save the energy as I had to travel a long way.  The ride till Loyola bridge was no issues as I was wading the traffic and choosing smaller residential lanes.

What goes down has to come up – When you hear to this line with respect to someones career or money, it would have been wonderful. Here I was going down while climbing and panting to reach the top of the Choolaimedu subway, luckily I had a geared cycle. By this time, I had pissed off few share autos, motor cycles because I was at snail pace. “Kuch log galiyae they rahe thea” Cursing me, hmmm…n
Then there was no big incidents, reached the T Nagar.

The distance from Villivakkam to T nagar should have been 9+ odd  KMS to the usual 11KMS as I took all the short routes.

After over a cup of coffee, I had a good discussion over our next project, I left Dr Nair road, T nagar to Ranga Road, Mylapore, The journey started some where around 6:00PM and reached Ranga road via Gemini Circle by 6:30PM. It was like wow, I would need my bike or car anymore, because I had taken enough rest at Tnagar and with a good breeze I didn’t feel the pain. I could have saved time and travelled less by taking a better route. Well as I said I had all the time 🙂

After a quick meeting I left Dr Ranga road to Villivakkam, trust me – by the time I reached Anna nagar I was almost dead, lol. The geared cycle helped me a lot. The distance was close to 13KMS, I reached by an hour and few minutes more.

Few things I did understand about riding bicycles

  1. Never ride in City traffic – There is no path meant for bicycles
  2. No rider is compassionate to the lesser fortunate, I meant the bicycles. I need to reach home fast and I don’t care about you, just make me way was the attitude of many.
  3. Now I know, why they carry the cycle on the car’s back and choose to drive away from the city traffic.
  4. City roads give you a rough ride with pot holes

Of course It will be motorcycle who will the race, but the difference isn’t huge in timing. While I use to take my motor cycle it use to take 45Minutes, on bicycle it took me 1Hour and few more odd minutes.

2 thoughts on “Who do you think will win in a city traffic ride, bicycle or bike

  1. I remember the time i picked a cycle. It was a fun thing. I’d commute between Bessy and Anna nagar using it.

    Motorists are a nightmare and I ended up picking times when the roads were relatively free. The commute took longer but I felt fresher 🙂

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