Mee time VS My time – Priority

Friends are forever, they make you live forever. If you understand the concept of mee time

These are my childhood friends, should I say they are my class mates from LKG, this is from a club which Facebook reminded us today that we where like this on the same day in 2017… few of them are missing,  the most important ones… They joined the other day, but was happening as a majority.

Why this post, it is for my friends kids and for my son(s) to read this, Friends are important. They make you ALIVE.

As friends we know our indifferences our strengths and each ones weakness, still we stick on to each other. As days passed by, family became big and priorities changed

We are Family

We are Family

Again the above photo has few more key families missing, some of them have been abroad and some living in other states of India.

What is really happening now, is that my friends don’t find mee time. Few of them find it, rest – I am bloody worried.

The similarity between mee time and my time is both are being selfish, the time we dedicate… is it for my family or my friends. A simple question, with out mee, do we have a family time.

Anything and everything starts from “well being” aka healthy meaning what you eat and what you become aka shit… Lesser you eat, lesser the known outcome. If you feel hungry you should eat, your body needs it. But did we do that way? We only ate more, thinking we will be hungry in the next few hours. Have we been ever hungry?

Think, why is that the hungry kids have lesser ailments or aka called “diseases”, today a kid sneezes we take him to a doctor, isn’t it? Have we not drank tap water and stayed healthy? Don’t ask me can your son drink the water from the tap? My point to prove was that our parents didn’t panic the way, we are. They knew, our bodies can rejuvenate, if not – our grandparents, still believed in traditional medicine, they provided us tulsi tea or ginger concoction and what not

We don’t know our own body capabilities, we don’t know how it can heal itself,  we don’t believe in them any more, we are doctorate as doctors, just because google showed us results. THINK AGAIN – how our grand parents lived did we have so many doctors and so many hospitals…

We have been advised by parents, provoked by advertisements and even advocated by WHO that Indians are malnourished, so we eat at time, eat by this time, did it actually translate to the energy it needed, it did and there was side effects too, we felt sleepy/not sleepy, tired and uncomfortable too at moments by eating the delicious food.

So what I am saying is, what Steve Jobs said “Stay Hungry, Stay foolish” it helps to be healthy, wise and staying away from troubles in life. Yes, I mean that.

Now to answer what went wrong-  I lost my mee time, every one had their own priorities. I am not saying family time is not important, meeting friends at an odd time and for few hours means important for every friend’s health. What do we do? it is all the gossips of school days, here and there happening from politics day today activities and also things happen with our own kids and what more do you think we discuss and do more. It is shame, that we incapable of doing all those of your wild thoughts. Hmmm…n

How is that meeting friends make you healthy – in simple words happiness. Try it, if you don’t get it, for heaven sake change your friends… Again you may have a question – doesn’t family time give the same happiness, it does, but still not complete – I get to enjoy looking at your faces 6 days a week and can I not have that peaceful few hours for my mee time? You too need a break looking at my face, Please give me my mee time, you too enjoy your mee time. So everyone stays healthy at Home. Okay kids you too are having a great mee time by playing, rest I don’t want to discuss in public…

Don’t you talk to your neighbours, friends, colleagues for that mee time over a phone or in person for long hours –  The person reading this knows, it is for them. Don’t ask me who is it for?

Priority… this is for my friends who can’t still make up their mind.  I rest my case here…

I am trying to gather my friends back in to the grind, please understand me, mee time makes us healthy, and your family too.

I want to live 100+ years and want every member of my families to live 100+, it is possible in my family and my extended family. – Yes, is it technology which is going to make us live longer, may be, but can still live a longer longevity by understanding how our body works and heals the Indian traditional way. Any way that is totally a different topic to discuss.

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