Lets talk life -helping eachother

I was there yesterday evening attending, Lets talk life – topic was on “Mental illness”, which was moderated by Nandhitha & Sharada. I should say, I had an awesome session hearing to lot of pain from the speakers i.e their own personal experiences which caused them pain & a learning session on how to overcome them, in turn how… Continue reading Lets talk life -helping eachother

Making of an unproductive Indian

These days I have been traveling by local train, the MRTS in chennai, While I was returning home the other day, it was 7:30 PM. I saw a juvenile girl singing some weird language song, While her younger brother been collecting money in the compartment where my friend and myself being present. I was so… Continue reading Making of an unproductive Indian

A perfect Teacher

A perfect teacher would be, when his own children be able to learn from his teachingVinod V V Have you seen a teacher’s son/daughter getting low grades, Mostly. The reason being that as parents we tend to shower our love on our children and they completely take advantage of the situation. A perfect teacher/parent is… Continue reading A perfect Teacher

Time to think about the Girl child & career oriented Women

[Credits: Mastronardi] I don’t blame the women nor the girl child in the first place. I blame myself being part of this, and I think it is the right time to make some changes to help them out. When was the last time you burned midnight oil to help your Mom or Wife, when they… Continue reading Time to think about the Girl child & career oriented Women

Why does RRB need the best of the best?

It might be late for me to make a post of RRB (Railway recruitment Board) Exams. I had already missed couple of bright Youngsters when I was doing my 10th Standard. My dad was a Government Employee working for I.C.F (Integral Coach Factory)  Chennai – 38 and he had little exposure to the outside world,… Continue reading Why does RRB need the best of the best?

Watching 18+ movies with my spoilt brat

Back @ home, after I come from office and break for dinner, I have the habit of watching television or during weekends I take few good Englishmovies to home to watch it with my family. Have been noticing/monitoring on my son’s expression, the curiosity, eagerness who is 5 year old, when I change my television… Continue reading Watching 18+ movies with my spoilt brat

Celebrating Children’s day with Fever

From Yesterday, my son had a running temperature and I had booked for consultation with a pediatrician this morning. This guys wakes up early this morning says “I need to go to school, it is children’s day and it is party time” I had to cancel the consultation this morning, skipped my proper breakfast, didn’t… Continue reading Celebrating Children’s day with Fever

gangofgirls & cagedLions

I read an article from forbes about relationship and career, and both the writers have written things eighter out of their own experience or articles they read from other magazines or newsletters etc that seemed to fit them, some are actual facts but will it work for us. No advice is a perfect advice unless… Continue reading gangofgirls & cagedLions

Safety Guard could save the kid’s legs

(click on the image for the larger version) (click on the image for the larger version) It is a kind of feeling I got when I looked at the Honda’s Unicorn bike, How will the 10 yr old kid will be able to sit behind the bike when there is a possible safety hazard. The… Continue reading Safety Guard could save the kid’s legs

Disney Pixar – Cars

Courtesy :Satyam cinemas, chennai,TamilNadu, India I had been to the “sree” – Satyam cinemas for the movie Disney Pixar – cars with my family- It was absolutely breath taking views and screeching cars, One thing to learn from the movie is about TEAM WORK and not a one MAN show. The pity part was that… Continue reading Disney Pixar – Cars