End of the day – was a Life saved?

It is a story of my childhood friend who rocked the corporate world during his peak. Names of the characters have been changed to keep the privacy.

My friend Sabari had been in to automobile car sales industry with an amazing experience and had an opportunity to work for a well known reputed bank to generate car loans, he worked so hard that he would come home at 1 or 2 AM in the morning at home. He met customers at odd hours as they where busy with their own work. He gained the relavant experience and was making huge profits for the bank, the bank recognized his contribution.

Sabari was entering his office as usual, there was loud applause from his peers and super bosses. “Congrats Sabari” “, ” All the best on your post”. There where prying eyes, He was thinking what happened?

His Boss handed over him a letter – He was the new VP of this bank leading the entire South India, That was one of his cloud nine moment.

Days passed by, his team was generating the sales required, his presence was hardly needed, unless it was huge quote which mentioned in Crores of rupees as loan for his clients.

The best part of his career was that he treated his work as his business, it didn’t require his presence. Things where in place. He was the soul of his team and was proud that he fought for his team mates for their appraisals. He was the super hero for most of them, well almost GOD Father for many.


At this time, Sabari was so high, that he was thinking What could go wrong? we are super heroes. Does this line sound familiar.

That is when his father fell sick, he was admitted to hospital, his presence was needed.  It was a weird health problem that the drugs had to be imported in to the country, the drugs where costly. His medi claim did cover part of the expense, but was not sufficient enough.

You must heard when tough times comes all problems come one after the other

  1. It just happened that he lost his job during this absence in his office, Office politics. Well I am not getting in to that, it does make any sense to discuss and go off topic. In short – Prying eyes where waiting for an opportunity for his absence at office.
  2. He went and asked his friends who vowed him money, he was a savior for many during their tough times. Some of even made statements – “Lakshmi ye kasu illae nu sonna epadi”  – meaning  ” What if the Lord of money said there was no money?”

When the going get tough, the tough gets going.

What saved his father was his personal savings and his own mediclaim policy. His savings was in Mutual funds – SIP, personal Mediclaim apart from Company Mediclaim.

Hope many of you are aware the moment you are out of the company, the company mediclaim policy becomes void. It is best to have a personal mediclaim to take care of your family.

Remember all mediclaim companies have clauses which don’t settle all your bills, take little care of your investments so that during the rainy days it comes handy.

Well I am not the best in parting advice on investments, I can ask my friend who can help plan your investments. Interested let me know.

On a contrary note: Online mediclaim and policies are cheap when compared to people who came and sell the products, you don’t have to break your head calling up toll free numbers. Just call up your friend who sold you the policy, Remember I said friend. Make him your friend.

Live your life, not others & not for others

live your life, not other & not for others

Photo credit : VinodVV Photography

Let me start by telling you what my age is, 37 running. With two children, elder son almost 11 years old, the younger 3 and half years. Phew, I have started to sweat looking at my age and my family. Want to know why?

I am here to tell my own experience or experienced in real life situation. All this happened in the last few months of 2011 and had an awesome bachelors party for wrecking a deep down concept called “live your life”

What happened on December 30th 2011?
7 Friends gathered at one of friend’s home  and as usual the party started late at 8:30 PM. An absolute vodka with Cranberry juice + water for the topping. It was great for couple of rounds un till a friend wrecked the party with a question. What if, one of was on the death bed? and what would you do as a friend?

Couple of rounds of Vodka, just went in drain. This is the second instance he opened up this question, the first time the question appeared was on a family get together on 24th of December 2011 on a beach house, we were all having fun.

This happened on 24th of December, Few friends said that wouldn’t happen in the first place, why worry?
Here was the response from that friend.

You all know that my dad was ill, bed ridden and was admitted at Apollo for 4 months, I had mediclaim insurance to cover my entire family for 10 lakhs, and that claimed was so huge that the insurance company just paid 3 lakhs rest I had shell it out. I was fortunate or rather my dad was fortunate that I had money for his medical expenses. How much do each of you have incase of an emergency? Imagine the trauma, my mother, my wife, my daughter 7 yrs, my son who is just 3 yrs old, my Dad and finally me. Each one of us in our family where shuffling between hospital and home. That is when this question strike my mind when I was sitting in the lobby anxious waiting for my dad’s recovery.  

A deep silence. That is when it hit me and my friends.

He went on to explain “In present scenario if you had to save your family from an emergency you had to have a minimum of 10 lakhs of INR in liquid cash” May sound unreal, flamboyant. Well here is the untold truth. The medical insurance company is not so stupid enough to give you all the money you are entitled for the sum assured, people who had experienced will tell you, on what percentage the company reimburses, apart from that there are things which don’t come under the coverage. Those are written in 1 point size with a star pointed at different location on the policy.

The most important point he said as part of his realization

I can buy some time for my parents, can’t have them around till I die, for that matter any one around me.

What does that star point to?
Conditions apply, these are indeed in 1 point size, which makes you sweat.

Now to linger about the question

What if one of was on the death bed? and what would you do as a friend?

What was he trying to say?
You know what, we don’t live our life, We live our father’s, mother’s life, or son’s, daughter’s or even wife’s life. It has always been family, it has always been work, expenses etc. End of the day when you are the death bed, What did you do for yourself, Did you enjoy your life?

Don’t live other’s life, meaning your close family people’s life
Your father would have lived your life, till you got settled, at the end, you choose what to do and not his, right?. It is your children decision and it is certainly right. In what ever way you take it as right or rights.

I too had similar experience when my dad bought a new cycle and gave it to me and he retained the old cycle on which I learned to drive cycling.

Don’t live for others, there is certainly a meaning to your life. Sounds selfish, egoistic and even the american way of life (“actually speaking I love living the American way, didn’t have that freedom from my parents”). What ever it may be, when others don’t choose not to be on your side when you leave this god damn earth.

Finally to the statement of truth

Ok let me make it even simpler, unless you are in good health, prosperity and Happy. You will not be able to make any of the family members happy, not even your friends will look down upon you. Oh just a correction every one would “act” like they are on your side while looking upon you and having a feeling. “Enough, it is time for you to leave, I have to live others life. So don’t bother me any more”

Yeah, the truth is bitter. That is the truth. When was the last time you sung a song aloud, danced like no one watching you, even made crazy faces while drunk and even get it Photographed. Did you ever publish them? This doesn’t mean you have to do this, I love being photographed crazily. There are few crazy things which make you smile, keeps lingering, comes back to your mind when some else does that. It actually makes you happy.

Do you remember your own school days? You are old now, don’t remember much. But the same nostalgia comes back to you, when you see your children experiencing them.

Let me explain, my younger son wants to go to play school, it is fun, joy and play. It is Learn while you play. While the elder son eagerly watches the news for the school to declare holiday while it is raining. Do you see some thing which is hidden.

As you grow up there is a burden, some induced at home, school and even at office. We forgot what we did when we were young i.e to be playful and happy.

I believe, I still haven’t answer to that question

What if one of was on the death bed? and what would you do as a friend?

That question deserves a separate blog post. Still I will answer, Don’t know my friends stance, Will even let you know what my friends decision was. Still in back burner of those 6 individuals.

I will stand by and support to that friend who is unable to speak, unable to think, unable to comprehend that his pain is causing others a lot of pain. Let it financial, moral support or what ever is well with in my limit. Even if I die all alone.

So live your life, be happy or try to do some thing to make you happy. Remember, Friends = good times + bad times.

Do Freebies players actually worry about the market?

The answer is simply No.

Freebies players actually don’t worry about the market value, they just want their share.

This brings to an interesting note.

A store like Walmart or Saravana Stores (Chennai, India) wants to acquire a million copies of a product and shares it willingness with its distributors and their offering price being half the selling price, and their selling price to consumers being 40 percent off on the product. Remember the distributor gets huge monitory benefit from this deal.

If you being the distributor will you sell the product to them?

If you say YES, you end up as slave to Walmart or Saravana stores, as consumers are going to flood their stores and killing the entire availability of that product in small stores. You being a distributor, the willingness to buy the product from you by small vendors is going to be nil.

If you say NO, what will be your conditions?
The condition has to be. Walmart/ Saravana Stores can sell the same product at 10-20% less than the MRP (maximum retail price) and if they want they can offer any freebies as their wish to promote sales.

In that way the value of the product is still not lost. If you remember the popular tamil magazine Kunkumam their intial offer was with lots of other products as freebies and still maintaining the MRP.

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Honda hybrid now in India

Good news for people in India who care for the environment, but the cost of these cars will be dear to their pockets. With 104 percent duty levied by the Indian Government the ex showroom price would be 21.50 Lakh INR.

Here are the details about the new Honda Hybrid from the Honda Indian website

Wish there are more buyers, so that Honda thinks about having a plant in India, as we could see the prices of these cars coming down.

My best wishes for the Honda Team – Power of dreams
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Banks in India do operate through 3rd party.

In India privacy doesn’t matter much, at least for the common man. And We Indians don’t make much use of all the facilities that the Banks offer.

Things I learned:
I did have a bank account with ABN Amro for 2 years till 2004 and the minimum balance was 10,000 INR, which of course I didn’t have, so the interest started to eat in to the balance money which I had in my ABN account.

Lesson 1: If you can’t maintain a minimum balance please close your account. Then don’t blame the bank.

The interesting part comes here check this image below, click on the image for a  larger view

I had closed the account in 2004 and still been getting the updates in my email account from the bank. So that means they don’t have a system which notifies that this account is closed.

Lesson 2: If you don’t want to receive spam mails kindly update your details with the bank

When talking about updating  here is one more interesting image down below, click for a larger version

The login didn’t happen at ICICI and the check the regret message dated Aug 14th 2002. Abandon pages still exist on the server. check this link http://www.icicibank.com/Regret.html
you should still be seeing this link.

BTW Citibank is no exception. They keep sending SMS and calling me up to let me know that they would be interested in increasing the credit limit increase to higher amount, Which I am not interested and had told over the phone to update their system that I am not interested in that offer.
Click on the image below for a larger view

Lesson 3: Never submit online forms with your personal details unless you are quiet sure that your private data remains private

I do remember the advertisements on banks offering loans use to exist on some 3rd party sites. When clicked on the link it would take to a banner landing page. How many of you checked for the privacy of your data, i.e on which server does that page exist. Assuming if you clicked on X bank banner did you land on X bank website.

And we continue to scream at our Mobile service provider that the DND system is not put in to use.

How many of us use Bank by Phone for the following?

  1. Deposit money
  2. Withdraw money
  3. Demand Draft / Pay Order
  4. checkbook request

And we continue to say that we had a long wait at the bank.

Lesson 4: Use Phone by Bank or Internet access to finish your work. For 50 RS + taxes will be much lesser than your precious productive time at work and less on your fuel expenses.

OK, I accept that there are quiet a few banks which don’t offer the above, but will have to change in due course of time.

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Can TATA or BAJAJ make 1 Lakh rupee Truck?

Does TATA or BAJAJ really care for Indians?

Indian consumers bought about seven million two-wheelers and one million cars in 2006/07.

The Solution:

according to Ratan Tata, the company’s 70-year old chairman: — “That’s what drove me — a man on a two-wheeler with a child standing in front, his wife sitting behind, add to that the wet roads – a family in potential danger,” Tata wrote on the company website.

I have heard the similar kind of statement twice. One from our Reliance Ambani and one from Henry Ford.
The Reliance one actually helped many, to lower the cost on Phone calls.

Well If TATA brings Buses for 1 Lakh rupee that makes lot of sense in helping Indians. I know this is an exaggeration.

What will be the impact, if the 1Lakh rupee car Tata Nano becomes a hit?
In 2006-2007, Indian consumers bought 70 Lakh two wheelers and 10 Lakh cars. Source The equation for the coming years could be 35 Lakh low cost cars which could hit the Indian roads. My questions are simple, Whether our roads are built to bear that kind of traffic explosion. What about the pollution and What about the parking space in the city malls for consumers.

Who are the actual beneficiaries?

I don’t blame any businessmen for that matter. Any businessmen who finds opportunity will exploit it. Why can’t people understand the TATA’s and BAJAJ new venture in to cars and how about few more foreign car makers (Adding fuel to the fire) who are trying to make a mark in to the Indian consumers market.Why are the Politicians keeping mum?
End of the day they actually know that the cars can kept in their garage there will issues and they will come up with a solution which will benefit them. Let us say the solution would be to invest in more infrastructure like roads, parking lots etc etc
The solutions are costly only for the middle class people not for the rich and not for the business class and certainly not for the politicians.

Do the Government will make more money?
YES, certainly. How?

  1. The CC of two wheelers at a maximum is only 300 CC on an average. Hence the registration cost is going to go up by 600 CC and Odd.
  2. The road tax
  3. Then the Insurance cost (education excess) etc.

Why are the BAJAJ’s in to the car scene any Ideas?
Potential threat from the TATA’s One man’s dream car.

  1. Auto ricksaw could be easily replaced with a comfortable 4 seater by looking at the cost, not much of a difference. Well seems like their own Indicab could get in to trouble with in city limits.
  2. A Bajaj two wheeler at an average cost 50,000 Rupees, What about the new 4 wheeler another 60-70K on finance could solve the middle class problem of 1 Man’s Dream.

If not now, it is never for the BAJAJ’s to be in the market.

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Tested on animals – Mahindra Renault Logan

Event: Mahindra Renault Logan Drivathon
Date: 25-12-2007 (Christmas Day)
Venue: YMCA, Nanadhanam, Chennai
Contact: S.Kumar
Mobile:98409 47464

It is supposed to be fun rally organized by Mahindra Renault Logan to test the mileage of your Mahindra Renault Logan.

  • Do you want to know who where the animals?
  • and Who tested on them?
  • and Who benefited out of this Mahindra Renault Logan Drivathon?

Before we start, Let us understand on how to test Mileage

  1. Fill up petrol- full tank
  2. check the odometer reading
  3. If you have trip meter, set it Zero
  4. take a long drive say about 100 and odd KMS, never switch off your car in between your drive (to get good readings)
  5. Follow the speed limit (45-55 KMS/hour)
  6. Once you reach 100 and odd KMS, go to next fuel station
  7. Top up the fuel, to full tank.
  8. Note the KMS traveled from your odometer, check the trip meter reading
  9. Note check how much of fuel was needed to have it full tank
  10. trip meter reading/ top up fuel needed to full tank will give you = Mileage i.e KM per Litre

So what happened at Mahindra Renault Logan Drivathon – car rally
I was there for the event at 8:30 AM at the venue. The event is supposed to start at 9:00AM which didn’t happen, because of the lack of management skills. Flag off happened, after few apologies made by the announcer.

I started to take the drive at 12:09 PM, went to the Fuel station at Venkanarayana Road.

A gentleman approached and said “Sir we will fill the tank full, out of which 5 litres of fuel price will be waived off and the rest you have to pay, Is that fine with you”.

I accepted, this is how they filled the fuel

My odometer readings were noted down and written on the card. My trip meter was made zero. And I started of to the rally.

Most cars had ladies and kids in the car – the best part was that, some car drivers took a break on the road side to take a leak. “What about the ladies and the kids?” What a shame?, Even if they had arranged for some nice place to take a short break for 2 hour long drive, it would have been nice. Well, my family did take a break at the Petrol Pump station at Venkatnarayana road, before the rally started. I realized, so was happy for my family too.

So my trip meter reading said 103 KMS when I was back from Mahabalipuram to Venkatanaraya road Bharat petrol pump station. I was doing between 50 and 60 KMS/hour. I was driving like a monkey as ordered, to execute things as said.

Now the top up started at the pumping station which recorded about 4.155 litres of petrol. So that means 103/4.155 should be my mileage. Which is actually wrong, because the Car fuel indicator says that my petrol tank is still not full. (Check the video)

My mileage is 24.789 KM per litre, WOW, I could believe it. The same car was doing last week, having a mileage of 9 KM per litre

Here is one more catch my fuel indicator was not saying that it is full tank, see the video to believe it. See other photos to know what was my readings.
data sheet
Click on the image for a larger view

Did you notice the time, which I referred while I entered the pump station 12:09 PM and at what time did I start 12:35 PM and at what time I reached the pump station again 2:59 PM
You want to why the delay
Mahindra Renault Logan - in queue just outside the pump station

Mahindra Renault Logan - in queue just outside side of road outside pump station
Click on the image for a larger view
Do you see the Mahindra Renault Logan on the opposite side of the road in a queue.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

What is explained in the video?
If you noticed the video, I had taken at the time when I reached the YMCA ground, still wondering WHY the fuel indicator is not showing the fuel tank full. So it means that there is enough space to fill up some more fuel to make it full tank. Which most of them didn’t realize.

Now to answer the questions

Do you want to know who where the animals?
there were 100 and odd drivers with their family, driving their cars, following orders and not not having fun on the gracious day Christmas

and Who tested on us?
Mahindra Renault Logan Marketing team

A surprise did happen during the prize distribution ceremony. A owner of Mahindra Renault Logan was agitated and trying to claim for the prize as his car did a 40KM per litre mileage (Diesel version owner)

and Who benefited out of this Mahindra Renault Logan Drivathon?
Can you imagine 100 and odd drivers spending their money to filling up the fuel tank full and driving their own cars and following orders at the mercy of Mahindra Renault Logan team for only one reason to prove that Mahindra Renault can do 33KMs per litre for the petrol version and 37KMs per litre on the Diesel version.
I should say that the marketing guys made little spend by gaining more

  1. breakfast (bread sandwich and water, if you like it eat it else leave it. That was stance. Hospitality ZERO)
  2. 5 litres of fuel waived off during full tank session
  3. lunch (Saravana bhavan – Mini meals)
  4. and another 4-5 litres of fuel for top up total of 8-9 litres of fuel while including the 5 litre of fuel which was waived off during the full tank session (Petrol or Diesel)
  5. Spend on venue
  6. And of course the event management team.

Who are the loser?

  1. Fuel to fill up the tank
  2. quality family time on the Christmas day
  3. apart from that those god damn sponsor stickers from JK tyre and those numbers sticked all over the car. Who is gonna pay to remove that, With out spending money.

Car stickers
Mahindra Renault Logan owners are the ultimate losers to gain new customers

Who were the gainers?
Mahindra Renault Logan Marketing team – to make fake mileage result. It is pretty simple I say, you have around 100 odd drivers at your disposal feed them you have the results.

Do you want to know how this Viral Marketing is supposed to work?
Let’s say 100 and odd Mahindra Renault Logan happy customers, who had good mileage experience is about to unfold the secret to all their friends and relatives, well sort of boasting off that their car did give an ultimate mileage.

If you care for fellow car owners please digg this or post a link on your blogs. Atleast the new car owners can be spared.

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Is your Mahindra Renault Logan in safe hands – After sales, What service- Review

Mahindra Renault Logan

After buying the brand new Mahindra Logan 1.4 GLX, How do you expect your car to be delivered on the delivery date?
Brand new. Well I didn’t.

This is how I received my car.
With stains all over in patches here and there.
Logan stains

Logan stains

Gear box covered

The wrapper was intentionally made in order to cover the stain in the gear box, Damn thing was sticky after I removed the wrapper.

Gear box dirty

When other customers receive the Mahindra Logan as brand new, Why choose me to have a stained one.

Well now to the RC book, I had to call up after 3 weeks and I receive them like this.
RC book small

Click on the image for a larger version.
Mahindra Renault Logan Floor mat
Mahindra Renault Logan under Floor mat stain
Mahindra Renault Logan under Floor mat stain
Above are the floor mat and the stain under the floor mat.
Well What is the mistake on the above RC book. Did you find my 1.4 GLX and it is mentioned diesel version. How come the petrol version be diesel.

I am yet to receive my RC book, let me see. whether I have to call or will I ever receive it corrected.

Here is one more customer experience:

A friend of mine had bought the Mahindra Logan 1.6 GLS petrol version. Here is the problem which he faced on the second day ( he was able to notice the problem the next day after filling the petrol tank full on the day of the purchase).
Mahindra Logan 1.6 Petrol cable punctured

Mahindra Logan 1.6 Petrol cable punctured
Mahindra Logan 1.6 Petrol cable punctured
Above Mahindra Logan 1.6 Petrol cable punctured. Click on the image for a detailed view.

What was answer from the Service professional for the above?
“Sir, it is rat bite, You will need to replace the cable, that would cost you”, At last after few talks with the sales guy the cost of the cable is supposed to be adjusted during the first service (reimbursement).

What happened to the pre delivery Inspection?

So how do you trust Mahindra Logan Service center dealers. It is almost 2000 KM, it is time for my 1st service. I am worried on the service looking upon the quality of response from Mahindra dealers.

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  1. How I bought my new Mahindra Logan – space, value for money
  2. Why Mahindra Logan, Renault Logan, Dacia Logan?
  3. Mahindra Logan – Usability Explored
  4. Mahindra Logan – Look out for the new version

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Easy ways to increase your Memory Power & getting productive

Here is one simple question?

How many of you can remember your close or dearest friend’s Phone number?
If you did, Can you remember one more of your close pal’s Phone number.

The best part is most of us are used to high tech gadgets like the cell Phones or the PDA or the iphone (very usable one)

Just to point out when you had your land line Phones (when no mobile Phones were around), how many of you were able to remember your friends Phone number.

I remember my school days where I had everyones phone number on my finger tips. Why did we remember them, because the land line phones which existed long ago didn’t have memory to store all of the contact list.

We forgot to exercise our brains, when we got used to the high tech gadgets.

Now here is the simple tip to exercise your brains, or an easy way to increase your memory power. Just follow few steps

  1. Jot down all the contact information from your mobile phones to phone book or your diary.
  2. Erase all your contact list information from your mobile phones
  3. Every time you make a call, read the numbers loud and dial them on your mobile or your land line phones

Believe me you are about to remember your phone numbers with out even looking in to your Phone book or diary

Next tip: follow these simple tips

We all have multiple bank accounts, so why not benefit out of that.

  1. Write the bank name and the account number, in case you have internet access write down the username and the passwords and the contact number of the phone by bank . Write it couple of times, or during lunch breaks or even after having sex
  2. repeat the same for 5 day
  3. follow the same for your other bank accounts
  4. follow the same for your credit cards and their Ipin, hpin and tpin numbers and the phone number mentioned on the credit card

The next time you talk to your bank. You already remember the phone number and the account details at your finger tips, you will save lot of time messing around to pick the papers and credit or debit cards to find out the information, when the representative is requesting you over the phone. Believe me, with in few seconds of the conversation she knows you are the one who belong to the account and your request are done right away, because you are confident in answering them and prompt, no searching…

Well in case of missing or theft, you know what number to call and how to block your credit and debit cards in a jiffy.

BTW, If you loose your mobile phone, you don’t have to worry, atleast about your contact list information.

One more hot tip: When you look at your friends car or motor bike, just note down his vehicle number and try to read it loud in your inner mind, couple of times. The next time you see your friends vehicle in a parking lot. You know for sure, your friend is around. Call him, who knows you may have get together and a loud party.

Summary: So what are the ways we learned to remember or increase our memory power

  1. reading it loud
  2. writing on a paper repeatedly
  3. reading it loud in your mind

sounds like we joined the kids to learn things their way.

Software Professionals – Beware

When was the last time you used internet search to buy new or old homes, or when was the last time you made a search to find used cars.

Well con man have become tech savvy and using sites to find the lazy software professionals as bait. 

Try searching this site like magicbricks.com  to find new homes at low prices. Well the answer you are sure to hear is “Boss it is sold out, there are some more homes in that range, do you want to try?”

You take the lead, they will show you homes at the sky rocketing market prices. The real market.

Even the used car industry is not spared by these offline spammers. You are bound to find cars at low market price. Do not fall a bait. Check sites like carwale.com Use the online tools to find the best market price to buy used cars.

Well internet has become their local leads than usual petty shop leads.