Ask your Maid before a puff – quiet funny

A friend of mine just forwarded me the link from “The Telegraph“. So our current health minister has released the statement. Post excerpts: Rules likely to be ready in about three months will seek to make workplaces across the nation tobacco-free Smoking is banned in public ….. “People can then smoke on the roads or… Continue reading Ask your Maid before a puff – quiet funny

Joost the best way to view TV programs – India

Any one wanted to view reviews of cars, Well I view them right at my comfort. View TV videos in fullscreen and imagine these programs are not actually possible in India “Fifth Gear” TV channel ,atleast to my knowledge. Well I did blog this, right from the Joost program. It has chat,rating, blog – well… Continue reading Joost the best way to view TV programs – India

Aren’t tools making us dumb

Yeah, It is about WYSIWYG editors or IDE for most application we create.Yes I accept these tools help Productivity which is the major concern. I just want to explain how Indian (asians) learning methodology differs from the American way of education and it has go to do with the tools which make us dumb If… Continue reading Aren’t tools making us dumb

Live Free or Die Hard 4

Are you a die hard fan, then don’t miss this movie. Live Free or Die Hard. Why Live Free or Die Hard for director Len Wisemen? The director of this movie Len Wisemen has seen this movie about 19 years before and has been making short films on his own with the die hard theme… Continue reading Live Free or Die Hard 4

Rare Photos – Chennai

The following photos are no where of technical nor they depicted beauty in nature. It is about pure timing of these photographs. Last Saturday morning 30th June 2007 at 6:30 AM at Perambur railway station, I had been there to pick up my in laws, the train Aleppey Express was late by 60 mins. All… Continue reading Rare Photos – Chennai

Iphone now available

Apple Iphone now available, Thousand of Gadget fans were at the Apple stores.Well at India people have been eying the NEWS for the release of Iphone, some are ready to get the Gadgets from the US when their friends return or getting it themselves, but their only anciently/speculations over the Apple Iphone is about Unlocked… Continue reading Iphone now available